Equipment Financing Partner For Your Long-Term Growth

By Heath Martell| Nov 1, 2021| 4726 Views

Equipment Financing: The First Step to Opening More Doors For Your Business

When you need equipment but don’t have the cash, equipment financing is the way to go. However, working with the right funding partner can have a significant impact on your long-term success. Here's why choosing a financing lender who knows your equipment matters! 

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Since 1990, Beacon Funding has helped small businesses acquire over $1 billion worth of equipment financing. Half of all transactions we’ve completed in the past year alone have been with a repeat customer. That’s because we work hard to be a partner for our customer’s long-term success.

What Makes Beacon Funding Different?

There’s a few reasons why we’ve worked with thousands of businesses over the last 31 years.

On average, Beacon Funding approves 7 out of 10 applications – where big banks only approve 3. Our flexible credit requirements allow our team to build the best possible solution to fit your situation.

We Understand Your Niche Business

You deserve a partner who understands how important acquiring equipment is to your success. In our niche markets, Beacon Funding provides a wider variety of equipment leasing options compared to other generic lenders. These niche markets include:

We Help Start-Ups

Whether you have strong personal and business credit, challenged credit, or are just getting started, Beacon Funding will have options available to you.

It is very difficult to grow your business to a meaningful size by purchasing equipment with cash alone. We pride ourselves on helping start-ups and established businesses achieve meaningful growth.

Our customers continue to succeed because we help them:

Your Success is Our Success

Some of our clients have been working with us for over 30 years. Why? We help established businesses leverage their time-in-business and strong business-pay-history to get the best deal they qualify for.

That includes flexible financing plans like deferred payments and 100% financing.

What Can You Expect When You Partner With Us?

As a customer, you can rely on Beacon for the long run. Our dedicated financing consultants are here to support your goals, and are happy to help you find answers for any questions or problems.

We’ll Make Financing Your Next Piece of Equipment Even Easier

We can leverage your established pay history with us to:

  • Provide faster approvals
  • Qualify you for increasingly better transactions
  • Tap into the equity of some of your existing transactions to lower any upfront costs

See How Beacon Funding Provides Friendly Financing for Years of Growth

In the end, we succeed when you succeed. So it is in our best interest that your relationship with our company is great!

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