How Does Upgrading Equipment Benefit Your Business?

Grow your business with decorated apparel equipment financing that works for you. Trade in your old machine and your business can benefit from the following perks:

Produce More Units- Increase your production output with a more powerful machine

Decrease Upfront Costs- Trading in equipment can decrease the costs of your upgrade

No More Unreliable Breakdowns- Let go of equipment that’s giving you a hassle

Gain More Income- Generate more revenue by fulfilling larger orders

Minimize Mistakes- Better equipment reduces the chance of human errors

Save Cash- Financing an upgrade spreads out costs into affordable monthly payments

Upgrading Equipment


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Upgrading Equipment
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What Beacon Funding’s Clients Are Saying

My consultant was timely and courteous. I have no complaints.
Mike Rose Quickshirts Inc
The purchase of additional equipment through Beacon Funding has allowed me to turn around embroidery orders of a thousand pieces or more in less than a week.
Cheryl Griffin

Griffin Graphics

Banks and credit unions have a lot of red tape. It takes 30-45 days to get anything finalized. Beacon didn’t have those issues. They were much easier to deal with, more personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking at financing options.
Carla Dooley

Promos Ink

"It’s a lesson learned the hard way about cash flow. Definitely having the equipment on the floor and paying for it in increments is worth a lot more than just upfront cash, a big expenditure, and a hole in your balance sheet."

Bryan Huber

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When you need take your shop to the next level, our friendly consultants can help get you approved.

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Terms and Conditions

*The equipment you'd like to sell or trade-in is subject to review. Any offers made will be based off make, model, year, condition, included accessories, and overall value