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Let Beacon Funding Create Your Flexible Financing Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Connect with a dedicated financing specialist and get your questions answered as per your availability.
Your financing specialist will create a unique plan that matches your financing goals.
Once approved, you will receive details so you can start using funds to grow your business.

Your business is unique, your financing should be too.

Start creating a custom financing plan by talking with a dedicated financing expert. Book today and explore options based on your needs. For faster results, be sure to comment in the scheduler your business goals and what you’re most interested in.


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100% Financing
Looking to keep cash in your hands? Get financing with no money down and use your liquidity for operating expenses and investing in crucial areas of your business.
Buy Now, Pay Later
Need time to generate revenue? This plan offers deferred payments for 90+ days so you can start using your equipment before your first payment is due.
Skip or Step Payments
Are you tired of the typical payment structure by other lenders? We can get creative with a flexible payment structure that matches your cash flow goals.
Seasonal Payment Program
Have an inconsistent revenue stream? Make it easier for your business to grow by getting a creative payment plan that matches the timing of your sales.
Equipment Upgrade Program
Want to replace your old equipment? Build your business by upgrading to new equipment while maintaining a consistent monthly payment.
Wrap Financing
Looking to acquire multiple equipment units at once? Save a little bit of money on your monthly budget while keeping it simple with one monthly payment.

Want to reap the rewards of your equipment with no money down?

Receive your equipment without any down payment. Immediately put your equipment to work and expand your operations even more.

  • No Down Payment: Acquire equipment when you’re short on cash.
  • Pay as You Profit: Allow your equipment to pay for itself.
  • Keep Your Cash Reserves: Keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket.


Do you want time for your equipment to generate higher profits before you start paying for it?

A buy now, pay later option lets you hold onto your cash. Defer payments for up to 6 months at the start of your financing.

  • Defer payments for up to 90+ days. Save cash for when you need it most.
  • Generate profit before making any payments. Makes adding equipment easy and affordable.
  • Offset new equipment expenses. Counterbalance any break-in, training, and set-up costs.


Low Payments During Your Slow Months

A seasonal payment plan makes it easy to afford equipment when you have an infrequent income stream or high seasonality to your business. Tell us about your busy and slow months and we will match your payments to what works best for you.



Preselect Up to 2 Months of $0 Payments

Do you generate revenue on a less-than-typical schedule? With this plan you can select up to two months you’d like to skip. For the other 10 months you’ll have a slightly higher payment while enjoying $0 payments during your slow months.

  • Choose to skip payments during months agreed upon in your lease terms.
  • Offset your more profitable months by preferring a lower monthly payment or none at all.


Choose to start your lease with higher or lower monthly payments.

Give your business time to ramp up, train employees, save cash, and network for your business. Your first 3 to 6 payments can be a higher or lower amount than the remaining stream of payments, depending on your need.

  • Generate more revenue with lower upfront expenses.
  • Great for installing new equipment.
  • Great for established business entering a new business venture.
  • Build up equity in your equipment faster.
  • Useful to offset upfront funds.
  • Great for puchases where profit is expected immediatly. 


Continue building your business and upgrade your equipment while maintaining a consistent monthly payment.

  • Upgrade business equipment with no additional financing charges.
  • Meet higher demands, take on bigger clients, and larger contracts.
  • Payoff, sell, or trade-in older business equipment.

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$1B+ in Equipment Financed Since 1990
4/5 Stars on Google Review Rating Platform
4.8/5 Stars with the Better Business Bureau
We did look at other companies. A lot of them had a very intensive paperwork process. With Beacon Funding, I was able to contact my rep and get these things done. It was incredible.
Christopher Wicks

Global Sign & Awning

“Miles has always handled our accounts in a professional manner. He stays ahead of the curve to make sure everything processes properly. I have been in business for 35 years and I am impressed with Miles.”
Janie Parker

Mostellers Wrecker Incorporated

"It’s a lesson learned the hard way about cash flow. Definitely having the equipment on the floor and paying for it in increments is worth a lot more than just upfront cash, a big expenditure, and a hole in your balance sheet."

Bryan Huber

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