Flexible Financing

Whether you have a seasonal business, inconsistent revenue, or need to build your own loan, Beacon can develop a financing plan that matches your unique needs. Other lenders may turn you down because you don't fit into their financing program structure.  With Beacon, our reps strive to make the financing programs flexible for the ups and downs of your business. Even if what you see here doesn't exactly fit with your ideal financing plan, we will work with you to structure a deal that does.

Application Only up to $150k flexible financing

Application Only Up to $150,000

If you want an answer fast and don't want to go searching for your bank statements and tax returns, Application Only is your financing program. Beacon can get you approved for up to $ 150,000 in less than 24 hours!

  • Fast Response
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • No Bank Statements or Tax Returns required.

buy now, pay lat flexible financing

Buy Now, Pay Later

Beacon gives you the option to generate revenue on your newly acquired equipment before making your first payment. Get your equipment now, and defer payments for up to 6 months.

  • Allows for postponed payments at the start
  • Can defer payments for 3 to 6 months
  • Helps offset the break-in, set-up, and training costs
  • Generate profit before making any payments
  • Ideal for small businesses

TRAC lease program flexible financing

Trac Lease Program

A Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause applies when you want to finance a motor vehicle that will be used commercially 50% of the time or more. With a TRAC Lease Program, the structure shifts a portion of your payment obligation to the end of the lease, lowering your monthly payment. When your lease is over, you have the option to buy the vehicle and get cash (or pay the difference if it doesn't sell at the purchase price).

  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • End of lease purchase options, you can:
    • Purchase at 20% of equipment price
    • Upgrade/replace equipment
    • Turn in equipment for cash

skip payment or step payment flexible financing

Skip or step payment

Do you have a business that makes revenue on a less-than-typical schedule? Seasonal businesses or those with commonly fluctuating income can leverage our Skip or Step Payment programs. These are perfect alternatives for businesses whose income pattern is less than typical.

Skip Payment

  • Ideal for seasonal businesses
  • Allows to skip payment during slow months
  • Quarterly or semi-annual options

Traditional Financing

Month Payment
Jan - Dec $450/month
Total Annual Payment $5400/year

Skip Payment Example

Month Payment
Jan - Feb $0/month
March - Oct $675/month
Nov - Dec $0/month
Total Annual Payment $5400/year

Step Payment

  • Choose a higher or lower upfront payment
    • Pay less upfront, payments increase month-to-month
    • Pay more upfront, payments decrease month-to-month

Step Up Payment Plan

Yr of Loan Payment
1 $5,500
2 $7,500
3 $9,500
4 $11,500

Step Down Payment Plan

Yr of Loan Payment
1 $11,500
2 $9,500
3 $7,500
4 $5,500



Over 20 years of financing experience in the tow truck industry. From flatbeds to heavy rigs, we can help set you up.


Whether you need a simple embroidery equipment loan or need us to get more creative, we make sure you get financed in as little as 24 hours.


Boom truck, bucket truck, utility truck, crane truck, cherry picker - whatever you call it, Beacon's got the financing for you.


Our screen printing leasing and financing programs are designed to ensure you get the loan you need.


Finance the right septic pumper trucks for your business and improve the service provided to your customers.


By working with Bankers Leasing Group, you'll be able to offer high-quality, full-service leasing for your clients' equipment financing needs.

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Why Beacon Funding?

Founded in 1990, Beacon Funding is a leading financing company providing small-ticket equipment financing services to US businesses. Over the years, we've become a premier resource for financing business equipment with flexible payment programs.

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