How to qualify for equipment financing

At Beacon, we review thousands of credit applications each year and we approve 3 out of every 4. With our unique approval process, more businesses – like yours – get the equipment they need to succeed.

Why beacon gets deals done

Lending companies look at certain factors when reviewing credit applications. What makes Beacon different is our ability to get creative – we look at the traditional criteria, but we also take into consideration additional factors to make sure we get you the right deal.

We Accept Young Businesses

Beacon Funding

Welcomes all businesses - even start-ups.


Often won't work with businesses younger than 2 years old.

Accepts Young Businesses

Most financiers refuse to give the new guys a chance. At Beacon Funding, we know the first two years are the most important to your start-up’s success. We’ll look at a lot more than just your time in business to ensure you get the equipment financing you need.

We Look Beyond the Credit Score

Beacon Funding

Considers other factors when making financing decisions.


Will stop at credit score. To them, you're just a number.

We Look Beyond the Credit Score

Tired of being judged on one number? We thought so. At Beacon Funding, we look at a bunch of criteria to make sure you get your loan, including collateral values, pay history, and trade references.

No Age Restrictions on Equipment

We’re so flexible that we don’t even bother to set age restrictions. If you find a piece of equipment that’s been used previously, there’s still a darn-good chance we’ll lease it regardless of age. As long as the equipment is in good condition and being sold at a fair price, Beacon Funding is here to finance it for you.

No Age Restrictions on Equipment

Commercial Truck Expertise

Specialize in Decorated Apparel Equipment

Banker Leasing Options

Corporate Pay History

Beacon Funding

Long pay-history is not required


Requires at least 2 years of pay history.

Corporate Pay History

We understand you might not have a lengthy pay history, and that’s ok. We can look at other items – the equipment you want, your personal credit history, the amount you have in the bank, etc., to get you the equipment your business needs to take its next step.

Financial Performance

The stronger your cash flow and profitability, the more affordable your monthly payment is likely to be. At Beacon, we strive to find all businesses the most competitive equipment financing options for their situation. Whether your business has past financial challenges or not – we’ll make it work.

Transaction Size & Lease Terms

Beacon Funding

Customizable loans to fit your business needs.


Standard, inflexible loans and terms.

Transaction Size & Lease Terms

You need an equipment leasing partner whose key interest is building a loan that suits your business. We are the most flexible equipment financing partner for any situation, and can custom tailor payments that fit your needs. Every time.

Working with Beacon Funding was easy, and they got me the financing that I needed.

Brian Jones

Dick’s Towing LLC

Beacon did everything they could to help us out in a very timely manner. Our consultant was especially helpful as this was our first foray into equipment financing. Everything was very clear upfront, no surprises at the end.

Derek Benjamin

B&B Automotive Service & Restorations, Inc.

Beacon Funding was of great help to our business. They provided the means when we thought we had no chance since our credit was affected by a foreclosure. Our consultant was very kind and he worked very fast for us. Thank you!

Ofelia Proa

P & M Tree Service

The flexibility of the down payment arrangement has allowed my company to grow in the harshest winter we have experienced.

Thomas English

Lightspeed Towing L.L.P.

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Why Beacon Funding?

Founded in 1990, Beacon Funding is a leading financing company providing small-ticket equipment financing services to US businesses. Over the years, we've become a premier resource for financing business equipment with flexible payment programs.

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