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Transit Pros is America’s largest sub-haul coordinator specializing in medium and heavy-duty towing, transportation, tire replacement, and emergency roadside service. They are looking to add providers to their network! Get more jobs and boost your workload in the world of mid-heavy duty tow trucks.


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Stephanie knows the towing and recovery industry inside and out! She started in towing in 2006 and has been financing trucks and equipment for the past 13 years.

Stephanie Richards

Business Development Consultant

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Finance a Tow Truck & Earn Up to $300!

$300 VISA gift card when financing $100,000+*

$200 VISA gift card when financing $50,000 - $100,000*

$100 VISA gift card when financing $50,000 or less*

Fast Response Time
Fast Response Time

Approved in as little as 24 hours

Approval Rating
Approval Rating

7/10 businesses approved

Financing Options
Financing Options

100% financing available

Loan Amounts
Loan Amounts

$10,000 to $1,000,000

Tow Truck Financing Resources
Tow Truck Financing Resources

Receive exclusive resources for taking your towing enterprise to the next level

Better Terms
Better Terms

Utilize historical relationship with Transit Pros to get better terms

No Age Restrictions
No Age Restrictions

No age restrictions on trucks and private party sales

Affordable Monthly Payments
Affordable Monthly Payments

Grow your fleet faster with an affordable monthly payment

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White flatbed tow truck sits in front of a white background.

Your business is unique, your financing should be too. Get the right financing plan that matches your business goals.

Find out what benefits you can leverage in your flexible financing plan. By getting to know your business and specific needs, we can set you up for success.

Shop with confidence for your next equipment purchase by knowing how much you can afford.

Get started with a pre-approval today – you’ll come away with a monthly payment estimate, knowing your maximum lease amount and terms, whether any down payment is required, your end-of-lease options, and much more.

We’re so flexible that we don’t even bother with set age restrictions on used equipment.

If you find equipment that’s been used previously, there’s a good chance we will finance it regardless of its age. As long as the equipment is in good condition and being sold at a fair price, Beacon Funding is here to fund it for you. Learn more about what we offer with used equipment financing.

Our lease-to-own Program, similar to a capital lease, is ideal for businesses who prefer long-term ownership of their equipment.

See what buyout options are available in Beacon Funding’s lease-to-own program.

Traditional lenders often disregard businesses with less than two years of operation – we don’t believe in that.

With our deep understanding of trucks and specialty of getting start-ups approved, Beacon Funding can approve young businesses looking to invest in equipment we’re familiar with.

Check out what makes Beacon Funding’s start-up financing stand out and how we can get you approved for truck financing.

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Pounds Towing tow truck

Pounds Towing

Blake Pounds

"Beacon Funding made it easy to actually get the truck I wanted regardless of how old it was. It is really about having someone there like Beacon that is dedicated to financing you a truck, so you can do better." Read More
Allan Benien from Brett's Towing

Brett's Towing & Repair

Allan Benien

“I would definitely recommend Beacon for others starting a towing business. With us being a startup company they were able to help us with financing. The process with them was flawless.” Read More
Celebrity Spokesman Lou Santiago for Lebleu's Towing

Lebleu's Towing

Celebrity Spokesman Lou Santiago

“When you can call someone like Beacon and say ‘Hey guys, can you help us out getting a new truck?’ Bam! You got a new truck. And tow trucks aren’t cheap. That’s how this outfit stays on the road.” Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

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Work with a lender who understands the towing industry and speaks your language.

Better Business Bureau

4.67/5 Stars

Google Reviews

4.2/5 Stars

Customer Satisfaction

9/10 Stars

*All deals are subject to Beacon Funding credit approval. Must be a Transit Pros vendor to qualify. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Visa Prepaid cards will be offered on new credit applications only. Transactions less than or equal to $50,000 qualify for $100 incentive; transactions between $50,000-$100,000 qualify for $200 incentive; transactions of $100,000 or greater qualify for $300 incentive. Only one incentive per transaction.