M&R and Beacon have teamed up to create the M&R Financing Perks program to offer enhanced financing options to companies looking to acquire screen printing equipment. For years, Beacon has been helping screen printing customers acquire more equipment, allowing them to take on more business quicker and add additional revenue!

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We're pretty good at helping M&R customers get the screen printing equipment they need. Here's some stats to support that statement:

  • Millions of dollars in M&R equipment funded throughout the United States
  • More than 70% of screen printing equipment financing applications have been approved
  • M&R customers can receive tens of thousands of financing incentives because of Beacon's equipment expertise
  • Startups, challenged credit, new/used equipment, it doesn’t matter - Beacon funds those in need of M&R equipment

Diamondback M&R Financing Perks

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M&R Financing Perks Visa Reward Card

Earn When You Finance

Whenever M&R equipment is financed by Beacon, you're eligible to receive tiered Perks in the form of Prepaid Visa cards:

  • $300 VISA gift card (when financing $50,000+)
  • $200 VISA gift card (when financing $25,000 - $49,999)
  • $100 VISA gift card (when financing $25,000 or less)

M&r Financing experts

M&R Expertise

Beacon has been financing M&R equipment for over 20 years, so we know this equipment like the back of our hands. Our exclusive M&R Financing Perks means you get the M&R and Beacon teams at your disposal to select the perfect equipment for you at the best financing plan thinkable. It's a perfect win-win!

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Wide Credit Window

Our knowledge and expertise of M&R equipment means you'll get the best financing options through Beacon. We know this equipment, and we know it's going to last. Because of this,  we can provide a wider credit window on M&R equipment. This means more equipment for everyone, which leads the way to more business for you and more happy M&R clients.

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"Our experiences with Beacon Funding have been great. This is our second equipment lease and all throughout the process they have been very accommodating."

Jonathan Vassar

Triple Stamp Press LLC

"Our consultant was quick to answer questions and with moving the funding forward. We had a great experience. "

Whitney Teska

Orchard Street Press, LLC

"My consultant is always great to work with and one of the main reasons why we continue to work with Beacon Funding. He has a ton of knowledge in the field, and he always willing to share and help."

Scott MacConnell

Phoenix Screen Printing LLC

"My consultant is always easy to deal with. He has helped me with many purchases now and is very knowledgeable."

William Roy

Promo Tees-Moonlight, LLC

"My consultant had great knowledge not only about the financing, but also his knowhow of screen printing was very helpful in our purchase. He was in touch with us the whole way. Great transaction! "

J.D. Corey

PowerSports of Lafayette, Inc

"My consultant went above and beyond to make the deal work for us. It was a pleasure working with him."

James Consolloy

Gnarlywood LLC

"Awesome as always. We have done 7 to 10 deal over the years and will do more in the future when needed. M&R is coming out with a digital head that I will add when available."

Mark Null



Join the thousands of customers that have successfully funded their equipment financing needs with Beacon Funding

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Why Beacon Funding?

Founded in 1990, Beacon Funding is a leading financing company providing small-ticket equipment financing services to US businesses. Over the years, we've become a premier resource for financing business equipment with flexible payment programs.

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