Icon Screening, Inc increases job output and packing capacity with financing

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Icon Screening, Inc increases job output and packing capacity with financing

Icon Screening, Inc started in 2006 as a couple in their garage making band t-shirts. They weren’t making shirts for their own garage band, but rather enjoyed using a manual hand press and a small dryer to make apparel for local musicians. The money made was invested in more equipment over time. After a year and a half, they upgraded from the garage to a 1,000-ft industrial space. Fast forward to 2017, Icon Screening, Inc. is a well-established screen printing business with 15 large pieces of equipment, 64 employees, and 25,000 sq. ft selling to major retailers like Target and even Disneyland (they are in the OC after all). “At Icon Screening, we take pride in the fact that we go beyond ‘just sending shirts out the door’," Bryan Huber, President of Icon Screening, Inc, says. “We invest countless hours and dollars into the best people, equipment, systems, and procedures to deliver not just a printed t-shirt, but a world-class product of the highest quality.”

All this growth was possible in part due to a flexible lender who understood the business’ market and equipment needs. Beacon Funding financed seven pieces of equipment for Icon Screening including large automatic printing presses, gas textile dryers, an automatic folding machine, and a delivery truck. Financing gave Icon Screening the opportunity to expand into packaging jobs and print at a larger volume than ever before.

Icon Screening, Inc. Snapshot

From Design to Delivery

Icon Screening, Inc offers a full range of custom t-shirt printing including color separations, sticker printing, graphic design, and retail packaging and distribution for Orange County, CA. “The main thing that makes Icon Screening different is the fact that we are essentially a smaller shop in industry standards, yet we have the capability and capacity of the larger shops,” Bryan says. “This means we’re a little more nimble and can give a little more TLC to our customers.” Huber calls Icon Screening a ‘medium-sized business,’ meaning they’re not too big or too small to cater to their customers’ needs. Also setting them apart is their ability to package and distribute with their own folding machine and delivery truck, handling the whole process start to finish. This folding machine was a great opportunity for the business when a customer had a labor-intensive packing need that couldn’t be done by hand.

“We couldn’t afford the machine right off-the-bat with cash, so a call to Beacon to finance a new folding machine enabled us to increase our packing capacity dramatically, thus enabling us to land a contract with a company that had a lot of packing needs.”

Acquiring equipment has opened a lot of doors for the decorated apparel business, especially due to the diverse needs they’ve had over the years on their equipment financing journey.

Financing For All Equipment Needs

The financing process has become like clockwork for Icon Screening due to their lending partnership with Beacon Funding since 2010. “The process is always really smooth,” Huber says. “After the initial verification of your financials, it’s pretty easy to pick up the phone and talk to your rep at Beacon. They send over the paperwork for your next piece of equipment, and you sign off on it, and the funding is available.”

Icon Screening Screen Printing warehouse

This partnership began when Bryan was shopping around for equipment, but couldn’t afford it. A consultant from The M&R Companies recommended Beacon for their lending needs. Huber was able to take advantage of M&R Financing Perks, which included financing incentives, like Visa gift cards, only available for M&R equipment customers. Not only does Huber have these perks, but he also has other advantages he wouldn’t have if he chose another lender. Beacon was flexible and able to finance any kind of equipment Huber needed.

“Another great thing about Beacon Funding that I didn’t know at the beginning was that they lend for all types of equipment, not just industry specific. I also needed a big delivery truck to start delivering some of this stuff, and it turns out that Beacon funds vehicles, as well.”

Beacon was able to finance this truck as well as the other six pieces of screen printing equipment to help Icon Screening grow.

Lesson Learned

Bryan’s business has grown from when it started, printing 40,000 shirts a day. That’s more shirts than what he printed in his first year. Icon Screening is able to take on bigger jobs due to its new folding machine and ship those products with a delivery truck. Bryan learned how convenient and easy it is to work with a lender like Beacon, as well as the impact financing has on cash flow: “It’s kind of a lesson learned the hard way about cash flow, something that you really can’t learn no matter who tells you,” Bryan says. “Definitely having the equipment on the floor and paying for it in increments is worth a lot more than just upfront cash, a big expenditure, and a hole in your balance sheet.”


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