Promos Ink fulfills larger orders and increase volume with financing

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Promos Ink fulfills larger orders and increase volume with financing

Some people are lucky to have their passions turn into careers. Promos Ink began as a hobby for Carla Dooley. She was working in the medical field in 1997 and was familiarizing herself with screen printing, giving patients free T-shirts after procedures. She printed for a network of hospitals and medical offices using an 8-color manual press and dryer. Soon after Carla left her job to pursue her pastime for two years, then established Promos Ink. “Promos Ink started in my garage several years ago; it actually started as a hobby,” Carla Dooley, Promos Ink President, says.  “We grew over the last 18 years; it was at an exponential rate. With that growth we have built a company from 800 square feet to 30,000 square feet.”

Her business has launched from its humble beginnings to many employees and over 20 pieces of equipment. Of her inventory, Dooley has automatic screen printing presses, 6-head embroidery machines, and a screen printing dryer. Promos Ink’s exponential success is in part due to financing eight pieces of equipment with Beacon Funding. The lender understands hardworking businesses like Promos Ink and continually helps them add machines as needed. 

Promos Ink Snapshot

  • Custom screen printing and embroidery business established in 1999 in Carrollton, TX
  • Offers contract screen printing, embroidery, and applique for others in the industry
  • Started as a part-time hobby with an 8-color manual press and dryer and 800 sq ft
  • Expanded to a mass of employees, over 20 pieces of equipment, and 30,000 sq ft
  • Beacon Funding financed 8 pieces of decorated apparel equipment, including multi-head embroidery machines, screen printing automatic presses, and a screen printing dryer
  • After financing, business has been able to increase volume every year by 50 percent

Slow and Steady Growth

Promos Ink specializes in custom contract screen printing, embroidery, and applique to distributors in the industry. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and decorating expertise. When other decorated apparel businesses have a difficult or large order, they turn to Promos Ink instead of turning away customers because of their expansive inventory and job capacity. Besides their equipment portfolio, Promos Ink’s success is also due to its reliable staff, including customer service, production, and art department. The business experienced a big change when they moved from their 12,000 sq ft facility to 30,000 sq ft to handle more orders.

“We added equipment as the need arose,” Carla says. “We’ve progressively grown slow and steady over the years.”

Beacon Funding, the equipment financing lender, was at-the-ready to get Promos Ink the equipment they needed to take on larger orders and expand.

No Restrictions Financing

Carla and Beacon Funding’s relationship began when she went to a trade show looking to add more equipment to her business. She had problems in the past dealing with banks to get funding, having had to jump through hoops. “Banks and credit unions have a lot of red tape,” Dooley says. “It takes 30-45 days to get anything finalized. Beacon didn’t have those issues. They were much easier to deal with, more personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking at financing options.” Promos Ink Contract Embroidery and Screen Printing Financing

Beacon has financed five 6-head embroidery machines, two screen printing automatic presses, and one screen printing dryer, helping the business steadily get larger since 2012. The lender gave Carla reasonable terms and she continues the partnership due to its ease. “The financing experience has been nice, as busy as I am,” Carla says. “Beacon is attentive and works with equipment vendors. There have been many seamless transactions.” One of those vendors was The M&R Companies. Dooley was able to take advantage of M&R Financing Perks, which included financing incentives, like Visa gift cards, only available for M&R equipment customers. The partnership between Promos Ink and Beacon has been successful due to the funding source’s flexibility, vendor ties, and equipment knowledge.   “We wouldn’t have been able to grow if it weren’t for being able to purchase equipment,” Dooley says.

Pump Up the Volume

Promos Ink continues to be a success due to its constant expansion, whether that be in equipment or facility size. Increasing from two machines to over 20 and from 800 sq ft to 30,000 is no small feat. With that came positive consequences.

“We were able to increase our volume every year by 50%,” Carla says. ”Now if you think about that over 5 years, that’s quite a bit of volume.”

Beacon has been there every step of the way in Promos Ink’s progress. “With Beacon Funding’s help, I would say that they helped us grow this company to help us be where we are today,” Dooley says. And they don’t plan on stopping.


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