Storybook Blankie Utilizes Equipment Financing to Launch Unique Embroidery Business

By Becky Neems| Nov 29, 2016| 1904 Views
Storybook Blankie Utilizes Equipment Financing to Launch Unique Embroidery Business

DALLAS, November 30, 2016 — In March 2016, Beacon Funding helped Sydney Allen finance a 15-needle, single-head embroidery machine allowing her to establish Storybook Blankie, a home-business producing highly customizable baby blankets.

Allen planned to change the way stories are told to children by embroidering them on the edges of silk baby blankets and pillows, an idea that sets her apart from other custom embroidery companies, but to do so, she needed Beacon’s help finding financing solutions.

For 22 years, Allen worked in the corporate world of digital marketing, but decided she needed a change. Armed with an idea and embroidery experience, she created Storybook Blankie and enlisted Beacon to help her acquire the proper equipment to begin production.

Allen originally reached out to Hirsch Solutions, Inc. to gather information about a single-head, 15-needle machine. From there she was introduced to Beacon Funding, a company known for providing flexible equipment financing solutions to small businesses and start-ups in the decorated apparel industry.

Through Beacon Funding, Allen received financing approval quickly and financed the machine while taking advantage of Hirsch Solutions Lease-To-Own Perks. In addition to acquiring the equipment she needed, she also was given special incentives just for leasing Hirsch Solutions equipment through Beacon.

“The financing process was incredibly smooth and fast,” Allen said. “In fact, what look the longest was waiting on the equipment to arrive.”

Not only was the process straightforward and efficient, it also allowed her to focus on other aspects of her business.

“Being a one-person business, any way I can streamline things is very helpful. Beacon was able to set that up,” Allen said. “Financing helped my business’ monthly cash flow. The capital we would have spent can now go toward advertising, inventory, and new product development.”

After receiving the embroidery equipment financing she needed, Allen officially founded Storybook Blankie in July and started production on the blankets and pillows. She already has plans for expansion in the New Year and intends to continue her financing partnership with Beacon Funding.

As a way to highlight the success Storybook Blankie found with equipment financing, Allen participated in Beacon Funding’s Success Spotlight Program and earned nationwide recognition for her business’ accomplishments through a variety of marketing and public relations efforts.

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Becky Neems

Becky Neems

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