From Start-up to Rental Equipment Business: OER Services Finances Aerial Lifts with Beacon Funding

By Becky Neems| Nov 11, 2016| 2150 Views
From Start-up to Rental Equipment Business: OER Services Finances Aerial Lifts with Beacon Funding

Northbrook, IL, November 11, 2016 — Beacon Funding proudly recognizes Olympic Equipment Rentals (OER Services) in Palatine, IL, for financing aerial lift equipment to advance its business growth. The lender financed 23 aerial lifts, including fork, boom, and scissor lifts for OER Services.

Beacon can offer start-up financing for businesses with less than two years of operation since they evaluate a variety of criteria in the approval process.

OER Services began as a one-man broker, and needed to get approved for equipment financing quickly in order to acquire equipment through auction channels. With Beacon Funding, the founder was able to apply as a start-up and utilize his personal credit in the process. He was approved for his first two scissor lifts within 48 hours.

“Beacon Funding helped us when other banks would not extend traditional lending to us,” Ali Zaimi, President and Founder of OER Services, said. “Those first two pieces were instrumental with monthly cash flow in the early stages. It’s helped us grow in the past six and a half years to the team of eight we are now.”

OER Services received the start-up financing they needed to grow their rental fleet by utilizing a dollar purchase option offered by Beacon Funding.

After financing, OER Services has 63 pieces of equipment and provides aerial lift and material handling equipment rentals/sales to 47 states. Their market has gone global, serving government agencies and U.S. embassies around the world, including parts of Africa and Canada.

Beacon helped OER Services reach their potential by being their partner in the equipment financing journey.

“Beacon Funding has helped us create our American dream, and we are confident they can help most small businesses out there create theirs,” Zaimi said.

To showcase their business’ accomplishments, OER Services agreed to participate in Beacon Funding’s Success Spotlight Program. In more than two decades, Beacon Funding has worked with many clients that have not only financed equipment, but also have utilized it as a business practice to improve volume and increase market reach.

The Success Spotlight program highlights these businesses in order to share best practices and provide real-life examples of how equipment financing fosters business growth. Participants of the Success Spotlight program are featured on Beacon’s website and through a variety of other marketing and public relations channels.

Visit the Beacon Funding website or call 847-423-0730 to learn how to be a part of the Success Spotlight program.

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