Equipment Financing Now Available for Landscaping Industry from Beacon Funding

Landscapers can now rely on Beacon Funding for their equipment financing needs.

By Beacon Funding| Jan 16, 2023| 952 Views
Equipment Financing Now Available for Landscaping Industry from Beacon Funding

Exciting news for businesses in the landscaping industry! Landscaping truck and equipment financing is now available at Beacon Funding, the nation’s top financer of commercial trucks and decorated apparel equipment.

Hardscapers can apply for the same A+ rated equipment financing at

Beacon Funding’s equipment financing for hardscapers offers:

  • Fast and easy application. Apply in minutes and get approved within 24 hours.
  • High approval rating. 7/10 applications get approved due to Beacon Funding’s large credit window and wide qualifying criteria.
  • Friendly customer service. Work with a dedicated financing specialist who understands your business goals and equipment needs.

Infograhic of three icons showing Beacon Funding's perks for landscapers: Fast and easy application, high approval rating, and friendly customer service.

Capital funding also available

For boosting liquidity into their businesses, landscapers can also take advantage of Beacon Funding's cash products.

Businesses can get approved for working capital loans and receive up to 8% of their business revenue the same day they apply. A sale-leaseback option is also available where a business can qualify for a loan of up to 60-90% of the equipment’s value.

Landscaping Trucks and Equipment Now Available to Finance

At Beacon Funding, hardscapers have the option of financing a wide range of heavy equipment. This includes the following types of equipment:

A bright-yellow mini-excavator sits in the middle of a landscaper's dig site.

Talk with an Expert About Specific Equipment Models

To learn details about available equipment and how landscaping truck and equipment financing works, schedule a call with a Beacon Funding financing consultant. An expert is ready to help landscapers get the heavy equipment they need. Check out the experts’ answers to these top 10 equipment financing questions.

Whether you’ve used financing to acquire equipment before or you’re just starting to consider it, you’re bound to have a few questions along the way. 

About Beacon Funding

Since 1990, Beacon Funding has been the leader in the equipment financing industry. Tens of thousands of US businesses trust Beacon Funding to finance their equipment quickly, hassle-free, and affordably. With over $1+ billion in equipment financed, hardscapers can now enjoy the same perks.

What business owners can expect from Beacon Funding:

  • Competitive payment programs.
  • Extensive resources.
  • Dedication to positive customer experience.
  • Sound business practices.

Apply for Landscaping Truck and Equipment Financing

Getting started at Beacon Funding is easy. All it takes is a 5-minute, risk-free application. Apply within minutes and get approved within 24 hours. The process is simple, easy, and fast.

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