Beacon Funding: 4 CLFP-Certified Members—Good for Your Business

Beacon Funding’s staff continues to achieve exceptional standards to help better the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry

By Beacon Funding| Jan 4, 2023| 1527 Views
Beacon Funding: 4 CLFP-Certified Members—Good for Your Business

Beacon Funding is proud to announce four employees were recently designated as Certified Lease and Finance Professionals. Each employee earned their new title after passing a rigorous eight-hour CLFP Foundation exam designed to demonstrate their knowledge of the lease and finance industry.

Beacon Funding’s Four New CLFPs

  • Michael Arida, CLFP – Credit and Syndications Manager
  • Zachary Heyd, CLFP – Credit and Commercial Fraud Analyst
  • David Lowe, CLFP – Senior Financing Consultant
  • Thomas Rahlfs, CLFP – Senior Business Development Consultant

Professional headshots of (clockwise) Michael Arida, Zachary Heyd, David Lowe, Thomas Rahlfs.

They Join Beacon Funding’s Seven Additional CLFPs on Staff

  • Donald Seeley, CLFP – VP of Business Development
  • Chad Boivin, CLFP – Senior Lease Accountant
  • Aaron Massie, CLFP – General Counsel
  • Toby McDonough, CLFP – President
  • Kevin O’Connor, CLFP – Sales Director
  • Stephanie Richards, CLFP – Business Development Consultant
  • Xiaolu (Jenny) Yan, CLFP – Senior Lease Accountant

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In this article…

  1. What is a CLFP?
    1. Criteria to Qualify as a CLFP
  2. Why Should Your Business Want to Work with A CLFP?
    1. Benefits of Working with a Certified Leasing and Financing Professional
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What is a CLFP?

A CLFP is a Certified Lease and Finance Professional, which is “the preeminent credential for equipment leasing and financing professionals throughout the world who have demonstrated competency through testing knowledge, continuing education, and a commitment to their business practices and dedication to the industry.”

CLFPs are leaders in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry. They have the knowledge, experience, and business ethics to provide exceptional service. At the same time, they hold themselves to strict professional standards and strive for the highest degree of ethical conduct.

Criteria to Qualify as a CLFP

The following rigorous criteria must be met to become a Certified Lease and Finance Professional:

  1. A minimum of three years of verifiable experience in equipment leasing and financing.
  2. Undergo an extensive application process.
  3. Have a clean background that is free of criminal charges, official sanctions, or license revocations.
  4. Pass an eight-hour examination with a score of at least 75%.
  5. Adhere to the strict CLFP Standards of Professional Conduct.
  6. Renew every year by meeting all of the CLFP’s standards.

Why Should Your Business Want to Work with A CLFP?

As a business owner, you have many choices when deciding where to finance your equipment. Why not work with the best in the business? Beacon Funding has 11 CLFPs who are ready to develop the right leasing or financing deal around your goals.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Lease and Finance Professional

  • Experience: Over 3 years of experience in helping businesses just like yours.
  • Dedication: A recognized expert with a proven understanding of advanced leasing concepts and practices.
  • Transparency: CLFPs provide exemplary and transparent services while following strict industry standards.

When you’re deciding between your next lender, put your trust in certified CLFPs. At Beacon Funding you can rest assured you’re taken care of by the best.

Work with a CLFP from Beacon Funding Today

With Beacon Funding’s 11 Certified Lease and Finance Professionals, your business can work with an expert to get the right deal done for you.

Since 1990, our staff has helped tens of thousands of businesses acquire the equipment they need to grow. With a 96% customer satisfaction rating, we stand committed to providing businesses with the highest quality of professional conduct.

Apply within minutes and get approved within 24 hours to start working with a CLFP on taking your business to the next level.

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