Sustainability Trends in Fashion Industry

Going green isn’t just great for the planet, it might be what your customers are looking for.

By Calvin Ip| Oct 27, 2022| 1236 Views
Sustainability Trends in Fashion Industry

There has been a growing demand for eco-friendly products in recent years.

Sustainability Trends in the Fashion Industry

In 2019, sustainable fashion was worth over $6.35 billion. By 2023 it will be worth $8.25 billion – that’s an expected growth of 6.8%. By making your products or production lines more eco-friendly, your business can join this growing industry.

Plus, you will help reduce pollution and make the environment cleaner too.

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  1. What Consumers Want
  2. How the Industry is Becoming More Eco-Friendly Today
  3. Tips on How Your Decorated Apparel Business Can Go Green
  4. Beacon Funding Can Help You Finance Used Equipment

What Consumers Want

Why should your decorated apparel business consider sustainability for your products?

A Shift in Buying Behaviors

One reason is more and more consumers are thinking about the environmental impact of their buying decisions. According to a 2020 McKinsey survey, approximately 67% of consumers consider sustainable materials as an important factor before buying clothing. In addition, 88% believe manufacturers should pay more attention to reducing pollution.

In general, shoppers want fashion brands to be more environmentally responsible. 60% of clothing are made from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polyolefin. They are made from petroleum byproducts, natural gas, alcohol, and coal.

The Problem

When consumers throw away clothing made from synthetic fibers, the product chemicals become a source of microplastic pollution. Most of it ends up in the ocean.

Because they are not biodegradable, synthetic fibers remain in the environment for many years.

The Solution

Shoppers are gravitating towards clothing made from natural fibers. They are made from materials like wool, linen, and organic cotton. Unlike synthetic fibers, these materials are 100% biodegradable and require no chemical additives.

By switching to these materials, your business can offer products that are safe for the planet.

How the Industry is Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Even though it’s not always practical for every business to use eco-friendly products, it’s becoming easier. Global textile manufacturers have already made significant changes to their products.

What Big Players Have Done Recently

In the last few years there was a round of exciting announcements from textile manufacturers.

With these changes, other businesses can work towards achieving their eco-friendly goals.

The next time you’re looking for partners to source your supplies, check their sustainability practices. Be sure to source from ethical companies that offer 100% recycled sewing threads.

Tips on How Your Decorated Apparel Business Can Go Green

1. Using all natural fibers in your products

Creating your products using natural fibers is a great way to make eco-friendly clothing. They use materials like wool, linen, and organic cotton. These are biodegradable and require no chemical additives.

Plus, they are more comfortable and absorbent than synthetic fibers. That could be a big selling point for your customers.

2. Shipping your products in 100% recycled and reusable packaging

Recycled packaging is a simple step towards minimizing waste. Even if your business can’t create eco-friendly products, reusing your packaging not only helps reduce landfill and ocean waste, it can increase your shipping productivity.

3. Utilizing used equipment in your production line

Purchasing used equipment reduces the demand for new equipment and prevents more landfill. Manufacturing new equipment takes using more materials, parts, and energy.

Instead of trashing your old equipment, consider selling your old machine. It could be a perfect fit for a younger business and gives you the opportunity to upgrade. We can connect you to a vast number of businesses who may be interested in buying your old machine.

If you’re looking to buy a used screen printer for sale or a used embroidery machine for sale, check out’s online inventory.

Beacon Funding Can Help You Finance Used Equipment

At Beacon Funding, we help you get the best equipment you need to get your business running and revenue flowing.

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Take a step towards building a sustainable business by applying for equipment financing today.

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