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How Does It Work?

Contact Your Consultant

Let your consultant know what equipment you’re trying to find or sell. They’ll let you know if that equipment is utilized within our industry network.

Any Potential Matches Are Sent to Your Inbox

If we find a potential equipment/buyer match, we’ll notify you via email. Then if the buyer is interested in the equipment, we’ll put them in contact with the seller. Our pros are only a phone call away if you need any help.

Get It Financed

Beacon Funding may also be able to help buyers get used equipment financing to seal the deal. Get the equipment you need with a payment plan that matches your business goals. Once the paperwork is finalized, we’ll pay the seller, and you can get to work.


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Looking to Buy or Sell Used Equipment?

As used equipment continues to be scarce, we may be able to use our network to benefit you! Watch the video to see how it works. Then fill out the form to tell us about the equipment you are looking to find or sell. Once you contact us, we will reach out via phone or email.
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Commercial Equipment Is Moving Faster Than Ever

Don't let equipment pass you buy because you couldn't get financing in time to buy it. With a pre-approval from Beacon Funding, you can act fast to secure the equipment you've been searching for. With the high demand for equipment, it's important to purchase quickly while it's still available. GET PRE-APPROVED
*Matches are not guaranteed. Available equipment is subject to any change based on volatility of the marketplace. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect used equipment prior to purchasing, even if Beacon Funding conducts its own inspection for its sole benefit. Beacon Funding disclaims any and all warranties of any kind either express or implied including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose & title. Sellers agree to resolve any disputes directly with the Buyer according to our Terms. Any issues with the Equipment must be solely directed to the Seller, and not Beacon Funding. Buyers & Sellers of equipment are not agents of Beacon Funding, nor associated with Beacon Funding in any manner. All deals subject to Beacon Funding credit approval. Increased payment, down payment, and/or security deposit may be required depending on time in business and credit quality.