Afford the Latest Screen Printing Press in 2023: Shop's Easy Solution

Investing in the industry's latest screen printing press doesn't have to drain your savings. See how to conserve your cash AND get the industry's latest technology.

By Beacon Funding| Dec 27, 2022| 1151 Views

Buying the industry's newest screen printer is a huge boost for your growing business. But the newest models aren't cheap. It takes a lot of money and (even at the right price) means spending a lot of upfront cash on one purchase.

You could hold off until you saved enough cash for a new printing press, but that takes time. The reality is you might have to decline customers until you have what you need that meets your production demands.

Not to mention, a large equipment purchase can leave a big dent in your balance sheet.

The good news about buying a new screen printing press?

There's no reason your business needs to miss out on opportunities or spend a large portion of your savings to get the industry's latest screen printer. Equipment financing is an affordable solution to get your machine NOW without using your cash.

This article explores the differences between equipment financing and paying cash. Plus, you can see for yourself how affordable your machine's purchase could be with a FREE financing estimate calculator. You can then choose which option suits you best.

In this article…

  1. What You Really Need to Know About Financing a Screen Printer
  2. Estimate Your Next Screen Printer’s Low Monthly Payment
  3. How to Finance A Screen Printer in Three Simple Steps

What You Really Need to Know About Financing a Screen Printer

Screen printing equipment financing is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to buying your next screen printer with cash. Rather than using a large chunk of your savings upfront, financing allows you to spread the cost of your equipment purchase over a number of low monthly payments.

Having the latest technology means setting your shop up for success. The opportunity cost could outweigh the cost of the equipment entirely – from lost contracts to outsourcing business you could otherwise complete yourself.

What Financing Offers Your Shop

Thanks to equipment financing you don't have to spend a lot of upfront cash to get the latest equipment model. You can get both the industry's newest screen printer and keep enough cash in your business for when you need it. Plus, your staff will have the industry's latest equipment so you can say "yes!" to customers.

A printing press operator places fabric on an automatic printing press.

You have cash when you need it.

  1. Equipped for emergencies. You never know when your shop will incur an unexpected expense and need cash to cover it.
  2. Prepared for payroll. You can’t pay staff using a credit card – make sure you have enough cash to keep your doors open.

A business owner uses a calculator on a table to check how much cash they have in their bank account.

Financing allows you to:

  1. Complete larger orders. With a larger, more powerful machine your staff now have the tools to increase production.
  2. Make money as you pay for your machine. The additional revenue from your machine could pay for itself.
  3. Say "yes!" to new opportunitites. Get the right tools to offer new services and product lines.
  4. Build business credit. Good credit history allows for better future financing terms.

Estimate Your Next Screen Printer’s Low Monthly Payment

Now that you understand how financing your equipment can benefit your business, see how affordable it can be. With Beacon Funding’s free equipment financing calculator, you can estimate a monthly payment in seconds from anywhere.

Plus, our free mobile app comes with three calculators, fully equipped to:

  • Estimate your low monthly payment.
  • Understand what tax write offs you can take advantage of.
  • Calculate the revenue you need to earn to breakeven on your monthly payment.

How to Finance a New Screen Printing Press in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Get pre-approved before you start shopping.

The key to affordability is staying within your budget. Getting pre-approved for screen printing equipment financing requires no cost or commitment. It will also help you assess the monthly payment you can comfortably afford.

Step 2: Consider shopping for both new and used equipment.

The great thing about working with Beacon Funding is the equipment’s age isn’t an obstacle to acquiring equipment.

Step 3: Once you find the equipment make and model you need, contact Beacon Funding.

We can help you afford the printing press you need. Schedule a call with your financing consultant today – they’ll help you quickly get your digital paperwork in order.

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