[Video] Show Your Customers How They Can Afford Your Equipment

By Amber Stevens| Feb 15, 2022| 811 Views

How to show your customers they can afford your equipment.

Isn’t it frustrating when a potential sale doesn’t close fast enough? Even worse, the longer the deal goes on, the more likely you could lose it. If your customers are struggling to afford your equipment, introducing financing is an excellent way to boost customer loyalty and build a repeat clientele.

Customers who benefit from better financing buy 15% more the next time they purchase from the same provider.

More than 90% of customers who use consumer credit use it again. That's a significant amount of revenue depending on equipment financing! But not all equipment finance companies are equal. Beacon Funding's payment quoting tools and support are designed to keep the sale going.

For example, our payment quoting tools make it easy for your team to discuss payment expectations. Plus, your team doesn't need to become equipment financing experts with our joint calling support. Whenever your customer has questions, call your dedicated financing consultant, they will have quick and accurate answers.

Show your customers the most attractive payment plans that get your equipment sold. Equipment sellers that partner with Beacon Funding get access to tools that help seal the deal hassle-free.

  1. Financing Calculator: 3 clicks to generate a digital payment estimate you can share with your client.
  2. Equipment Financing Mobile App: Everything you need to go from payment estimate to application without leaving your sales floor.
  3. Equipment Financing Center: Integrate financing into your online shopping experience with our customizable web portal.
  4. Payment Reference Card: Talk to your consultant about getting a printable document with estimate ranges.

Don’t risk losing another sale – talk to your financing consultant about how Beacon Funding's equipment financing tools can help move your inventory.

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