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By Amber Stevens| Mar 3, 2022| 697 Views

Did you know 8 out of 10 businesses finance their equipment? That means there are many businesses out there today who need quality and affordable equipment that fits their monthly budgets.

Are you promoting low monthly payments on your website? If not, Beacon Funding’s got you covered with our Equipment Financing Center or “EFC.” An EFC is the turnkey solution that helps you tell the world how your equipment is even more affordable with Beacon Funding’s financing options.

How does an Equipment Financing Center feature your equipment?

We design your EFC to match your business’s website using your company’s color palette, logo, and photos of your equipment! Best of all, your EFC has no costs to you and a link can be provided for your website within days!

So, what does your Equipment Financing Center have and what does it do?

First: It Has Financing That Supports Your Sales

Your EFC’s homepage is the perfect place to show customers how easy financing your equipment is. Beacon Funding’s creative team can customize your messaging and brand imagery to help promote financing on your featured equipment.

Beacon Funding has focused on financing equipment just like yours since 1990. And because we approve more than 7 out of 10 received credit applications, we give your customers a higher chance of getting approved.

If your customers are new to financing, we’ve also got that covered

Your Equipment Financing Center details the steps on how Beacon Funding’s financing process works. This includes:

  • Fast Approvals
  • Documentation
  • Financing Acceptance

We also pride ourselves on our customer service. Through our 360-degree review process, we’re able to monitor the deal-by-deal satisfaction of each customer and share our great feedback with new prospects. By featuring financing testimonials, your customers will know they are in good company when they work with Beacon.

Second: It Calculates Real-Time Payment Estimates

It’s easy to show how affordable your equipment is! Your Equipment Financing Center includes a powerful Monthly Payment Calculator where customers receive real-time estimates on your equipment’s payments.

In one calculation, you and your customers can see:

  • A fast, easy readout of their monthly payment;
  • How much equipment financing will help save them on their next tax return; and
  • How much business do they need to generate each month to break even on their equipment investment?

Plus, when a customer completes an estimate they can print or save the results to refer back to.

Third: It Has a Quick and Easy Application

Your Equipment Financing Center includes a single-page application where your customers can start the financing process right from your website.

Completed applications are sent to both Beacon and your sales team so everyone is on the same page, making it easy to support your customers’ needs.

Plus, we know how time-sensitive it can be. Rest easy knowing that your clients will receive a decision within 24-48 hours.

Fourth: It Answers Your Customers’ Questions

In today's competitive environment, your clients need quick answers. That’s why your Equipment Financing Center includes a contact form that allows your customers to get questions directly from your dedicated Senior Financing Consultant.

At Beacon Funding, we understand you earn your living selling equipment. Your success is our top priority so you can count on our leasing consultants to handle referrals in a quick, professional, and trustworthy manner.

With our support, your clients will come back for more equipment. The more successful you are, the more successful we are together. Contact your Senior financing Consultant or visit and get started today.

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Amber Stevens

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