How To Offer Equipment Financing To Your Customers [3 Critical Services]

By Heath Martell| Mar 4, 2022| 3426 Views
How To Offer Equipment Financing To Your Customers [3 Critical Services]

Are you losing sales because interested buyers can’t afford your equipment? Offer your customers equipment financing options so they have more buying power to spend on your inventory.

Not only does offering financing streamline your sales, but it’s also a hassle-free way for customers to quickly grow their business with more equipment. You increase profits and your customers receive your equipment – it’s a win-win for everyone.

How to make it easier for customers to afford your equipment

Here are three critical end-to-end services that help you offer financing options so you can seal the deal faster.

  1. Give Your Sales The Equipment Financing Mobile App
  2. Offer Financing Directly On Your Website
  3. Receive Fast Sales and Marketing Support

Give Your Sales the Equipment Financing Mobile App

Isn’t it frustrating when a potential sale doesn’t close fast enough? The longer the deal goes on, the more likely you can lose it.

81% of small businesses prefer the importance of payments over the equipment sales price. When your customers are asking tough questions about your equipment’s pricing, set your team up for success with a mobile app that provides fast answers about their payment.

With Beacon Funding’s mobile app, your sales can quickly show customers an affordable payment plan, tax savings related to their equipment purchase, and breakeven estimate. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Beacon Funding’s app lets you calculate:

  1. Estimates on your customer’s monthly payment related to their equipment purchase.
  2. Estimates on your customer’s income tax savings related to their equipment purchase.
  3. Estimates on your customer’s equipment activity breakeven on their monthly payment.

Download the app today and you too can show customers calculations in the palm of your hands.

Offer Financing Directly On Your Website

Showcasing equipment on your website is a no-brainer. But with 73% of small businesses more likely to connect with an equipment dealer that has finance information on their website, you might be missing out on reaching more qualified leads.

With your company’s own Equipment Financing Center (EFC), your dealership can offer financing anywhere on your website. A study from McKinsey & Company found that customers are two to three times more likely to make a purchase when you display offered financing throughout your site (as opposed to just at checkout). That grows exponentially when compared to not advertising your financing options at all.

In just a few clicks, potential buyers can easily apply for financing and receive an answer within 24 hours about whether they’ve been approved to purchase your equipment.

Your Equipment Financing Center (EFC) will be an integral part of an equipment dealer’s website and keep your content up to date. As a result, giving the Equipment Financing Center can be as easy as adding a financial link and a single line of code to your website.

Receive Sales and Marketing Support

When 84% of small businesses lack a financing plan when starting an equipment search, we can help you get the word out about your financing options.

Selling commercial equipment is hard enough without having to also sell financing, but your sales team doesn’t have to be equipment financing experts.

When your customers have questions, simply introduce them to Beacon Funding’s friendly equipment financing consultants. When 41% of small businesses usually settle for a lesser equipment solution because they had unrealistic financing expectations, we can set the right expectation. An equipment financing consultant can give them immediate answers about their options on a call.

See How Beacon Funding Can Help You Sell More Equipment

When a business is interested in your equipment, why not make things easier for everyone?

Partner with a lender that has your sales and customer’s goals in mind.

If you’re interested in establishing your customer’s business credit history, contact us today and let Beacon Funding be your flexible financing partner. Our expert financing consultants are here to ensure your equipment moves quickly.

Give a financing consultant a call at 847.897.2499 – their understanding of your inventory is your biggest advantage to helping your customers afford your equipment.

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