Sell Your Affordable Equipment with Beacon Funding's 3-in-1 Financing Calculator [Easier Than Ever]

By Amber Stevens| Mar 3, 2022| 1843 Views

Make Our Mobile App Do the Work for You

Looking to sell equipment? You need every advantage you can get to win deals, and that’s where Beacon Funding comes into play. Our Equipment Financing Calculator makes it easy to quickly show your clients how affordable your equipment can be. Watch the video above to see just how quick and easy it is to navigate, and to learn about all the awesome features of the free financing calculator at your disposal!

With three powerful calculators at your fingertips, you can get a fast, easy readout of:

  • Their monthly payment.
  • How much equipment financing will help save them on their next tax return.
  • How much business they need to generate monthly to break even on their equipment investment with you.

All without leaving the sales floor!

Your clients need quick answers, and you need a fast approval process.

As an equipment seller, you can use our app to email or text payment estimates to potential clients as well as submit an application. Your customers have a higher chance of getting approved because of our strong industry experience and knowledge of your equipment. Rest easy knowing that your clients will receive a decision within 24-48 hours.

Available for iOS and Android, search for Beacon Funding to download the Equipment Financing Calculator.

We make equipment financing for your clients easier than ever. See how you can use Beacon Funding's 3-in-1 Equipment Financing Calculator to quickly show your clients how affordable their monthly payment will be.

Download the calculator for iOS:

Download the calculator for Android:

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