How to Finance Your First Skid Steer

By Beacon Funding| Dec 22, 2023| 1436 Views

A skid steer is an excellent piece of equipment for a hardscaping business. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, skid steer loaders are a favorite in landscaping due to their versatility, durability, and ability to handle tough jobs.

Acquiring and maintaining a new skid steer can be challenging and expensive, with both the initial costs and ongoing maintenance posing significant considerations. A cost-effective solution to combat this problem would be to finance it.

You might not have the luxury of saving up the large amount of cash to purchase a skid steer if your business is growing rapidly. Equipment financing breaks down the cost of your skid steer into manageable low monthly payments and allows you to make smaller payments over time instead of a large sum all at once. We’ll show you how landscaping equipment financing can afford a skid steer today!

In this article…

  1. Process for Applying for Skid Steer Loans
  2. 5 Questions about Financing Skid Steers
  3. How Long Does It Take to Get Approved at Beacon Funding?

Process for Applying for Skid Steer Loans

  • Submit a quick and easy application.
  • Discuss your business goals.
  • Submit your credit package for approval.
  • Approval letter.
  • Quick and easy documentation.
  • Accept and use your skid steer!


5 Questions about Financing Skid Steers

Here are five common questions I hear from my customers who want to elevate their operations with a skid steer.

1. How can skid steer financing help my business expand?

If you need to replace broken equipment or add skid steers to meet demand, skid steer financing is the fastest, most affordable way to get the funds you need. You can even explore purchasing used skid steers for an even more budget friendly option.

At Beacon Funding, we specialize in financing used skid steers from private-party sellers. If you do find a used skid steer being sold, there’s a good chance we can finance it. When you work with Beacon Funding you can apply in minutes and get approved in 24 hours.

2. How does financing a skid steer help my business?

Financing your first skid steer helps lower the big upfront costs. With financing, you don’t have to worry about one huge payment. Instead, you can spread the cost of your purchase into smaller payments over a longer time.

Whether you work in landscaping or any other industry, Beacon Funding can help your company finance a new or used skid steer and it’s attachments.

When you finance, you can start using your equipment to produce revenue immediately. This will make easier to cover the cost of your monthly payments. See how affordable your monthly payments can be with our FREE equipment financing calculator.


3. How do I afford a skid steer if my income changes with the seasons?

It’s not uncommon for an industry like landscaping to have an on and off-season. Traditional financing requires you to pay the same monthly amount regardless of your business's slow season.

Beacon Funding’s flexible financing programs can be customized with seasonal payments to match your revenue cycle. Let us make managing payments stress-free even in your slow months. Mention flexible financing when you apply to discuss the right option for you.

4. What's the best way to grow my business?

Get more done with new equipment and mechanize your business. That’s our #1 tip if you want to grow. Beacon Funding can help you afford the skid steer you need in order to offer a range of services with less manual labor.

From newer or used skid steers and attachments, we finance them all. In fact, we make it easy to finance multiple units all at once under one agreement. So of instead of managing multiple leases, we can wrap them all together in one transaction with one monthly payment.

5. Can I get approved for skid steer financing as a young business?

The answer is yes! Beacon Funding understands the value of your equipment and believes in small businesses. Unlike traditional lenders, we take your industry experience into account rather than only focus on your time in business.


When you get a new contract, you might not have enough cash on hand to buy the equipment right away. We believe in small businesses and are committed to making them more successful for the people who run them. There is no cost or commitment to explore your options. Learn more at


How long does it take to get approved at Beacon Funding?

With just a five-minute application and a quick 24-hour approval process, financing with Beacon Funding allows you to afford the skid steer and attachments you need fast and easily.

Unlike traditional lenders that approve 30% of applicants, Beacon Funding approves 70%. That means 7/10 businesses who come to Beacon Funding get approved for the equipment they need to achieve their goals.

And because we specialize in 24-hour approvals, you’ll get quick answers with our hassle-free process.


With thousands of happy customers and over $1 billion worth of equipment financed, you can rely on us to help scale your business and acquire revenue-generating equipment.

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