The Top 8 Winter Parts You Need for Your Septic or Vacuum Truck

By Asher Zallik| Nov 13, 2023| 591 Views
The Top 8 Winter Parts You Need for Your Septic or Vacuum Truck

No one can deny that winter brings new challenges for septic trucks and equipment. You're dealing with freezing temperatures, icy roads, stubborn valves, and customers who need your services quickly. Not to mention subzero weather can swiftly transform water into a colossal ice block without the necessary tools.

Having the right winter parts and accessories is essential for maintaining the performance and reliability of a septic truck during the winter months. They help ensure that the vehicle can start and operate effectively in cold weather, reduce the risk of damage or downtime, and improve safety and efficiency when providing septic services.

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As you gear up for winter, it's time to inspect if your trucks are ready.

The Top 8 Winter Parts You Need for Your Septic or Vacuum Truck

Prevent Freezing:

  1. Water Recirculation Systems: Keep water in vacuum trucks in constant motion to prevent freezing.
  2. Boilers: Equipped with boilers, trucks can provide hot water for thawing pipelines and hydroexcavating frozen ground.
  3. Heated Ball Valves: Unheated ball valves and knife gate valves can freeze at frigid temperatures.
  4. Water Separator Heaters: These heaters thwart the freezing of water in the fuel system, diminishing the risk of fuel system damage and engine shutdown.

Cold Weather Starting and Reliable Power:

  1. Engine block heaters: Keep the engine warm, making it easier to start in cold temperatures, which is crucial in winter, reducing the risk of engine damage and downtime.
  2. Heavy-duty batteries: Heavy-duty batteries provide reliable power even in extremely cold conditions, ensuring that the truck starts and operates without issues.

Improved Combustion & Fuel Quality:

  1. Grid Heaters: Grid heaters preheat the air entering the engine, improving combustion efficiency and reducing emissions in cold weather.
  2. Fuel Filters: High-quality fuel filters help prevent fuel gelling and filter out impurities, ensuring a consistent and clean fuel supply during winter, which is essential for the truck's performance.

How to Afford the Winter Septic and Vacuum Truck Parts You Need

Do you have the right equipment to handle challenging winter conditions? As cold weather takes over, it’s crucial to ensure your truck has the right features to stay in operation. These features can be incorporated at the time of purchase to make the transition to cold-weather operation easier.

Business owner stands in front of his septic vacuum truck in the middle of winter.

Equipment financing can make it affordable to acquire the equipment you need to make this winter a piece of cake.

Finance a New Septic truck:

Finance a new truck along with winter weather upgrades straight from the manufacturer. Ensure that all the winter specifications are included at the time of purchase, then reach out to Beacon Funding to arrange equipment financing.

Finance a Used Septic Truck:

Did you find a used septic truck, but it's lacking parts fit for winter? You can finance your truck, heated upgrades, and their installation under a single, budget-friendly monthly payment.

Upgrade an Existing Septic Truck:

Do you have a truck you love, but think it could benefit from additional winter parts? You can ensure your current fleet is well-equipped by financing upgrades for your current septic service vehicles.

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Beacon Funding has two options to help secure the capital you need:

Working capital loan: Get up to 8% of your annual revenue within 24 hours.

Sale-leaseback: If you own equipment, you can easily get cash equal to 60 – 90% of your equipment’s value.

Are you a Current Customer of Beacon Funding?

If you're currently financing a septic truck with Beacon Funding and wish to add winter parts, talk to your financing consultant about wrap financing. his service provides funding for the parts you need and wraps it into your current transaction, simplifying your financial management with a single monthly payment.

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