Why Did 60% of Beacon Funding Customers Opt to Finance Again?

Unlocking growth: Beacon Funding's Success Stories of 2023

By Beacon Funding| Jan 23, 2024| 333 Views
Why Did 60% of Beacon Funding Customers Opt to Finance Again?

In the dynamic landscape of business financing, Beacon Funding Corporation (BFC) emerged as a preferred choice for 1,592 businesses in 2023, leaving an indelible mark on their growth trajectories.

Let’s delve into the numbers, stories, and testimonials that encapsulate the essence of why these businesses chose Beacon Funding as their equipment financing partner.

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Unveiling the Statistics

During 2023, a total of 1,592 businesses across the United States decided to partner with Beacon Funding. Among them, 629 were new customers embarking on their first financing journey, while an impressive 963 returning customers chose to finance equipment with Beacon Funding again.

Why Did 60% of Beacon Funding Customers Opt to Finance Again?

The answer lies in the profound impact truck and equipment financing has on enabling businesses to grow faster. The seamless experience of working with Beacon Funding not only fulfills immediate financial needs but also paves the way for smoother future approvals.

A Testament to Long-Term Partnerships: 4-Time Beacon Funding Customer

Jesus Romero, owner of El Pony Style, Inc., stands as a testament to the enduring partnerships forged with Beacon Funding. Since 2014, Jesus financed multiple pieces of equipment, including 4 embroidery machines and 1 Brother DTG.

His endorsement of Beacon Funding as a company with "nice people" and an easy financing process speaks volumes about the lasting relationships built through trust and reliability.

If you’re ready to find success with your business just like Jesus did, complete a no-cost, no-commitment equipment financing application today.

Testimonials Speak Louder

Here's what some of Beacon Funding's satisfied customers had to say about their experiences:

Kevin Montessi: "I have been working with them since 2000 without any problems. I have been able to grow my business much faster with the help of Beacon Funding."

Eric Gonzalez: "I love Beacon Funding. We have established a great relationship, and they have helped me grow my business abundantly."

Rigoberto Angulo: "I bought 3 rollbacks with Beacon Funding, and every time the transactions went smooth and no hidden charges. Highly recommend this company!"

Jason Skinner: "I financed new equipment for my business. The process was very easy and convenient. I feel my agent worked hard to get the best deal possible."

Brenda Ewelike: "Beacon Funding helped us get the equipment we needed. They are fast and professional. Beacon Funding is truly the best. They make it happen when others say 'NO'."

Giovanni Batista: "Words cannot describe how good and how fast I was funded. Thank you, Beacon!"

Bryon C.: "Working with Beacon Funding was seamless, informative, and very prompt. Purchased almost a year ago, and they still periodically reach out to check how everything is going with the machines."

Want More Testimonials From Business Owners Like You?

Beacon Funding has a variety of customers across the U.S. with different equipment needs and business dreams. Watch these testimonials from happy Beacon Funding equipment financing customers to hear what they have to say about working with us!


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