Financing 15 Years of Success: Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing

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Financing 15 Years of Success: Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing

Billy Spencer is no beginner to the embroidery trade. A few months out of high school, he started as a machine operator at a mom-and-pop shop. Spencer now owns and operates his own successful decorated apparel business, Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing in Phoenix, AZ. Over the past fifteen years, they’ve repeatedly relied on Beacon Funding to help them lease-to-own the equipment they need to expand.

Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing Snapshot

  • Husband and wife established Koalaty out of their garage in 2006 in Phoenix, AZ
  • Contract shop specializing in custom embroidery and screen printing business
  • Assist in every step of the process, including quoting, ordering, decorating, and shipping
  • Expanded to employ 24 people and over 15 pieces of equipment
  • Beacon Funding financed 13 pieces of decorated apparel equipment, including multi-head embroidery machines and screen printing automatic presses

Billy Spencer's production floor features state-of-the-art equipment, including fully automatic screen printing machines.

Meeting Production Goals with Embroidery Equipment Financing

Koalaty’s single head embroidery machine limited their initial production to one garment. Spencer knew that they needed a machine that could handle a higher volume output if they wanted to grow their business. But, like most start-ups, they didn’t have the funds to purchase the equipment outright.

“We started in our garage. We didn’t have a savings account that you could speak of. There was no way we could do it on our own,” explained Spencer.

Luckily, Spencer’s equipment vendor, Hirsch Solutions, connected Koalaty with their financing partner, Beacon Funding. With just enough money for a down payment, Spencer was able to work with Beacon Funding to lease two 6 head embroidery machines.

“My consultant gave me good numbers, and we started our relationship then. I’ve been with Beacon Funding for 18-20 years now.” Billy Spencer, Founder of Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing

Hirsch Lease-to-own Perks from Beacon Funding

Whenever Koalaty needed to upgrade equipment, Beacon has been there to help boost the company’s production capabilities. “The real beneficial factor,” Spencer explained, "Is their ability to expand the business before I had the money actually to do so."

For years, Beacon has helped decorated apparel customers acquire equipment, allowing them to take on more business quicker and add additional revenue. Beacon Funding created its Hirsch Lease-to-Own Perks program to offer enhanced financing options to companies looking to acquire decorated apparel equipment.

“Beacon made it easy to do business, to grow my business. We were able to purchase equipment when we needed it and how we needed it. We’ve had to grow our embroidery business at times. We’ve needed to grow our screen printing business at times.”

Spencer also credits their success to his strong relationship with his dedicated consultant at Beacon Funding, John Wesolowski. John’s strong working knowledge of both the embroidery equipment and equipment financing industries has made it easy for Koalaty to upgrade to the latest technology. Spencer sites that, “I’ve dealt with John since the beginning. He’s been pretty straightforward and knows what’s smart. I trust in him to know what’s good for the business. He’s always taken good care of us – quick to get us numbers and approvals and a timeline that works for us, payment wise.”

Choosing the right financing program to succeed

Since 2006, Koalaty’s staff has grown to over 24 people. With the help of equipment leasing, Koalaty’s facility now boasts a state-of-the-art production floor packed with fifteen pieces of equipment.

Billy Spencer's business now has a fully operational office and a staff of 24 employees.

“They’ve made it very easy for me to lease my equipment. I chose to lease because it’s better business. I didn’t have to front all the money – which I didn’t have anyway…Beacon Funding has made [the process] very seamless for me.”

Koalaty now has the means to take on larger contracts without sacrificing their production quality and take advantage of other benefits included with equipment financing. Their machines include:

  • 1 Tajima TMAR-KA1508C
  • 1 MHM SPE 12 station 10 color screen printing machine
  • 5 single-head embroidery machines
  • 6 multi-heads embroidery machines
  • 2 MHM 20 color 12 station automatic screen printing machines

A Quality Financing Relationship Helps Koalaty Embroidery & Screen Printing Succeed

“Financing was key from day one and allowed us to purchase those two six heads and expand the business,” Spencer said. “[Without those multi-head machines,] it would’ve been a lot more difficult.”

Hard work and quality products have also been key to Koalaty’s success. Their shop assists customers in every step of the process, including quoting, ordering, decorating, and shipping. By staying true to this business model and with the financial support from Beacon Funding – Koalaty continues to succeed in the decorated apparel industry!

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