Business Owners' Equipment Financing Tips: Bob Dubow's Interview

By Aaron Rustebakke| Jun 23, 2021| 5519 Views

Struggling to meet higher customer demand? Your company could reap more rewards by acquiring more equipment sooner through financing.

Get an insider’s look at how equipment financing and leasing options can grow your company from Bob Dubow, Vice President, Business Development at Beacon Funding. In this exclusive interview, Aaron Rustebakke asks Bob about how companies can use equipment financing to conserve their cash and leverage opportunities. Utilizing his 30 years in the financing and leasing industry, Bob provides top tips you can use to grow your company.

Here’s what this interview covers:

  • 1:34 Benefits of equipment financing
  • 4:05 Overcoming obstacles with flexible financing options
  • 6:28 Risks/rewards between paying cash vs. financing

About the Speaker: Bob Dubow

As a leader in equipment financing and leasing, Bob began his career in the industry as a Certified Public Accountant, where he audited several leasing companies. Before joining Beacon Funding in 2007, Bob became an industry expert by owning and operating his own business. Today, he uses his proven track record to help companies to grow.

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Below are some highlights from Bob’s interview.

What is it about equipment financing and leasing that is beneficial for businesses today?

You never know what unforeseen events are around the corner that can affect your business significantly. Unfortunately, many companies experienced this last year with the 2020 pandemic. That’s why it is so important to conserve cash and bank lines with equipment leasing and financing.

The #1 reason why people use equipment leasing and financing companies, like Beacon Funding, is to prepare for opportunities or future shifts in the market.

  • Tip: Consider equipment financing as “finance insurance” to keep your business growing.

How have flexible financing options helped business owners overcome obstacles?

One of the key flexible financing options is called step payments. This is how they work:

  • Pay less upfront, and then payments increase once cash flow starts coming in.
  • Keeps initial equipment payments low as your business grows.

Step payments are an excellent equipment financing option to help young businesses who are looking to expand. Business owners have time to ramp up demand and don’t have to worry about generating profits right away.

Does paying cash allow my business to profit more?

If you have an opportunity, often taking that extra risk brings a larger reward. With equipment financing, the return on investment could be more significant because you have the equipment to expand, meet market demand, and start profiting sooner

  • With equipment financing, you can conserve your cash and overcome obstacles in your business.

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