How Working Capital Loans Work for Your Landscaping Business

By Beacon Funding| Nov 28, 2023| 732 Views
How Working Capital Loans Work for Your Landscaping Business

Running a hardscaping business is no easy feat! It constantly requires ample cash flow to meet the perpetual demand for bulk materials, tackle those massive projects, and cover expenses during slow seasons.

In this competitive field, every opportunity matters, and seizing them swiftly can be the difference between success and stagnation. One strategic tool that can transform the way you tackle these challenges is working capital.

Working capital can offer a financial lifeline when you need to rapidly grow, overcome hurdles and front supplies for large opportunities that come your way.

In this article you learn…

  1. Why Hardscaping Businesses Need Working Capital Loans
  2. What is a Working Capital Loan
  3. Case Study: How Beacon Funding Helped a Landscaping Business with Working Capital Loan
  4. Working Capital vs. Traditional Bank Loans for Hardscaping
  5. How to Use Working Capital for Your Hardscaping Business
  6. Renewal Process for Hardscaping Business Owners

Why Hardscaping Businesses Need Working Capital Loans

The hardscaping game is bumpy – one moment you’re swamped with projects, and the next, it’s crickets. At times, contracts can be unpredictable due to the season. And worse, when those contracts don’t always pay on time, keeping a steady cash flow can be a challenge.

Working capital can inject your business with a significant amount of cash (up to 8% of your business revenue) quickly.

What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a short-term, unsecured financial loan that provides businesses with the necessary cash. Unlike traditional loans, that are used for specific purposes like equipment purchases or real estate, working capital loans are more flexible. They can be used to cover day-to-day operating expenses, payroll, or even take advantage of a business opportunity predicated on a high return on investment.­­

A working capital loan from Beacon Funding is for the short-term, offers flexiblity, and covers daily expenses.

Overall, working capital loans are designed to bolster a business’s cash flow, enabling it to effectively manage its ongoing operations and use the cash for various business reasons.

Getting the Cash Your Business Needs

One headache many hardscapers face is waiting for the green to hit their pockets after finishing a job.

Picture this: You’ve transformed a backyard, revamped a patio, or crafted a stunning stone pathway.

The only problem? The payment you’re owed seems to be taking a leisurely stroll rather than rushing into your account.

Now, why does this matter? When those hard-earned dollars get stuck in the slow lane, your business is left a bit high and dry - like having a beautifully landscaped garden but not enough water to keep it lush and thriving.

You have all the tools for the job but you’re missing the key ingredient – cash. Your ability to buy materials, pay your awesome crew, and handle surprise expenses is dependent on your cash flow. You could miss out on bidding on better contracts, struggle to pay operating expenses, or find it tough to sail through slow seasons without that quick cash flow.

That’s where the magic of working capital comes in. With an easy application process and funding in 24 hours – you’re ready for whatever the hardscaping world throws your way. Working capital gives you the flexibility to keep your business running smoothly, handle bumps in the road, and jump on new opportunities when they knock. Because in the world of hardscaping, quick access to cash isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have for keeping your business looking green and thriving.


Here's why working capital loans can be a game-changer:

  • Receive up to $250,000. With the unpredictability of contract payments, hardscaping businesses often face cash shortages at critical times. Working capital loans can provide immediate relief for cash flow challenges. This injection of funds is instrumental in covering various operational expenses, especially during peak demand periods.
  • Works Across a Variety of Industries. Whether you specialize in residential hardscaping, commercial projects, or any other niche within the industry, working capital loans are designed to meet the diverse needs of hardscaping businesses.
  • Quick Approvals, Fast Funding. Your business doesn’t have time to wait. When you need cash, you need it as soon as possible. Working capital loans come with rapid 24-hr approval and funding processes, ensuring you can seize opportunities quickly.
  • Fast & Easy Renewal Process. As your business grows, your financial needs may evolve. Working capital programs often feature straightforward renewal processes, allowing you to adjust your financing as required.
  • Adaptability as Your Business Grows. As your hardscaping business evolves, so do your financial needs. These straightforward renewal processes associated with working capital programs allow you to adjust your financing as required. This adaptability ensures that your business can scale.

Case Study: How Beacon Funding Helped a Landscaping Business with $80k Working Capital Loan

The Background

Operating in the outdoor oasis of Texas, a landscaping business found itself in a tight spot during its slow season. With a specialization in both outdoor landscaping and intricate hardscaping for residential properties, the business had ambitious plans. However, they needed an injection of $80,000 to make things happen. The funds were crucial not just for navigating the slow season, but also for covering payroll and bringing new talent on board.

The Solution: Beacon Funding’s Working Capital Loan

Recognizing the potential of this landscaping gem, Beacon Funding stepped in with a tailored solution – a working capital loan designed to provide the financial boost the business needed.

Beacon Funding helped a young business owner get the working capital they needed to grow their landscaping business.

The application process was straightforward, and Beacon Funding’s commitment to quick approvals meant that the funds were on the horizon, ready to fuel the client’s aspirations.

The Impact: Thriving Through the Slow Season

With the approved $80,000 in hand, our client seamlessly navigated their slow season. Payroll was met without a hitch, and the business was able to hire and train new workers, strengthening their team for the upcoming bustling season. Beacon Funding’s support not only eased the financial strain but also allowed the landscaping business to focus on growth and excellence.

  • Tailored Financing for Specific Needs. Beacon Funding’s working capital loan was not a one-size-fits-all solution. It was crafted to meet the unique needs of a landscaping business facing seasonal challenges, offering the flexibility required during the slower months.
  • Quick Approvals for Timely Assistance. In the fast-paced world of landscaping, time is of the essence. Beacon Funding’s swift approval process ensured that the funds were available when needed, allowing the client to receive funds as fast as 24 hours.
  • Investing in Growth. Beyond covering payroll, the working capital provided by Beacon Funding empowered the business to invest in its future. Hiring new workers and enhancing their team meant our client was not just surviving the slow season but gearing up for future success.

Working Capital vs. Traditional Bank Loans for Hardscaping

While traditional bank loans have their place, hardscaping businesses often face difficulties securing them due to the unique demands of the industry. These loans typically involve a lengthy application and approval process, and you may be required to provide collateral, which isn’t always feasible for businesses in the hardscaping industry.

  1. Respond Quickly to Increased Demand. When the projects start pouring in or a large-scale job requires additional resources, working capital loans can cover the costs of hiring extra labor and securing materials without delay.
  2. Bridge Revenue Gaps. During the slower seasons, working capital can help cover ongoing expenses like employee salaries, maintenance, and utilities when revenue is lower.
  3. Seize Growth Opportunities. Working capital loans empower hardscaping companies to take advantage of opportunities for expansion, marketing initiatives, or equipment upgrades to improve efficiency.

Hardscaping businesses deal with high material costs, the need for skilled labor, and the pressure of project scheduling and deadlines. Working capital offers a faster and more flexible solution, helping you meet these challenges head-on.

How to Use Working Capital for Your Hardscaping Business

With working capital, you’ll have the financial resources readily available to seize these opportunities and make your hardscaping business flourish.

The potential of working capital is vast. Use it as a strategic asset to empower your hardscaping business:

  • Thrive and expand during peak seasons when upfront cash can generate an exceptional return. During the spring and summer demand for outdoor projects skyrocket. Working capital provides you with the means to stock up on essential materials, hire additional skilled labor, or invest in equipment that can take your projects to the next level.
  • Bridge gaps in cashflow during slow months. During slow months, businesses often struggle to meet regular operating expenses such as rent, utilities, and payroll. Working capital can help you meet payment obligations promptly ensuring these gaps don’t lead to disruptions in the supply chain, production, or customer service.

Renewal Process for Hardscaping Business Owners

One of the key benefits of working capital is the straightforward renewal process, which is particularly advantageous for hardscaping businesses with seasonal demands. Renewing a working capital loan is as simple as contacting Beacon Funding.


Beacon Funding’s commitment to personalized service and quick response times means you can rely on us to provide the financial support you need, precisely when you need it. They take the time to build relationships with their clients, learning about your goals and dreams.

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