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Designed to Help Your Cash Flow

Give your business time to ramp up, train employees, save cash, and network. Your first 3 to 6 payments can be a higher or lower amount than the remaining stream of payments, depending on your need.




Wonder What Your Step Up Payment Plan Would Look Like?

Talk to a financing consultant to get:

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Get time to grow your business. Give your equipment the time it needs to start generating revenue.

Keep initial costs low before you generate revenue. Generate a positive cash flow with your equipment and ease into your payments.

Conserve your cash. Invest into other areas of your business with the cash you save from the lower initial payments.

 Easily upgrade to new equipment. Upgrade to the latest technology and keep costs low while you find a buyer for your current equipment.

 Expand your operations. Invest into other areas like hiring more employees with the cash you save from the lower initial payments.

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*All deals subject to Beacon Funding credit approval. Startup businesses, younger businesses and/or challenged credit may not qualify for “step payment plan” financing options described.