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This video was made by Jack Piazzi, a Senior Financing Consultant at Beacon Funding. As a Financing Consultant at Beacon Funding, Jack works with business owners to help them develop their operations using equipment financing options tailored to their unique situation.

How Equipment Financing Helps You Capitalize on Investment Opportunities

While paying cash seems like the easiest solution, a cash purchase for a substantial piece of equipment could hamper your business’s ability to invest in other strategic upgrades, boost your potential earning power, or to cover emergencies.

Rather than tying up all the money you have on hand, equipment financing could give your company the flexibility to use your cash in other areas of your business that can provide the conditions for growth.

Before you allocate your funds, consider these questions:

Equipment Financing Saves Cash So You Can Invest in More Areas of Your Business

Investing your liquid assets should be well-thought-out and be in line with your business plan.

Since no two businesses are identical, there is no cookie-cutter way for how you should invest your funds to maximize your business’ profits.

However, there are a few good examples that companies commonly invest in to maximize their profits. These include:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Enhancements to operations and equipment
  • Training and staffing

Sales rep takes customer order over the phone

What Does A Real-Life Example Look Like?

One of Beacon’s repeat customers is currently opening a second location for his business. By financing his trucks with Beacon, he’s been able to invest his cash in other areas of his business, such as staffing, training, and building enhancements. These investments allow him to optimize the profit from this new venture.

See How Your Business Can Make Investing Easier With Equipment Financing

Talking with a financing consultant is a great way to see how equipment financing can help you keep more cash in your hands.

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