Icon Screening Expands: Financing from Beacon Funding Fuels New Equipment

By Beacon Funding| Apr 19, 2017| 3223 Views
Icon Screening Expands: Financing from Beacon Funding Fuels New Equipment

Orange County, Calif, April 20, 2017— With the help of Beacon Funding, a leading equipment financing company, Icon Screening, Inc. has grown their home business into a well-established, screen printing enterprise selling to major retailers and operating out of a 25,000-ft industrial space.

The decorated apparel business began in 2006 when Bryan Huber and his partner started making band tees in their garage with a manual hand press and a small dryer. As business picked up, Icon Screening realized it was time to expand. They turned to Beacon Funding to finance the necessary equipment. 

Utilizing equipment financing from Beacon Funding quickly enabled the business to grow with equipment ranging from automatic printing presses and gas textile dryers to a folding machine and a delivery truck. This equipment helped the business to take on larger projects, while maintaining their small business ideals.

“The main thing that makes Icon Screening different is the fact that we are essentially a smaller shop in industry standards, yet we have the capability and capacity of the larger shops,” Bryan Huber, President of Icon Screening, Inc., said. “This means we’re a little more nimble and can give a little more TLC to our customers.”

Icon Screening has been committed to investing profits back into their business from the start.

“We invest countless hours and dollars into the best people, equipment, systems, and procedures to deliver not just a printed t-shirt, but a world-class product of the highest quality,” said Huber.

After trying to invest in the business, Huber soon realized that buying new equipment with cash negatively impacted their cash flow. In 2010, Icon Screening began their partnership with Beacon Funding as a way to acquire the equipment they needed without eating up a large percentage of profits. To date, Icon Screening has financed seven of their 15 pieces of equipment with Beacon Funding.  

“Having the equipment on the floor and paying for it in increments is worth a lot more than just upfront cash, a big expenditure, and a hole in your balance sheet.”

Huber took advantage of Beacon Funding’s unique financing relationship with M&R, a screen printing equipment manufacturer. In addition to receiving the equipment his business required, Huber benefited from financing incentives, including a Visa gift card.

Unlocking benefits: financing your screen printer in 2023 makes perfect sense for your business. Like Icon Screening, Inc. growing your business into the next screen printing empire can be a reality! 

As a way to highlight the success Icon Screening, Inc. found with equipment financing, Huber participated in Beacon Funding’s Success Spotlight Program, which includes nationwide recognition for his business’ accomplishments through a variety of marketing and public relations efforts.

Visit the Beacon Funding website or call 847-423-0730 to learn how to be a part of the Success Spotlight program.

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