Computer Chip Delays Cause Truck Shortages Across The Country

By Aaron Rustebakke| Dec 1, 2021| 3693 Views
Computer Chip Delays Cause Truck Shortages Across The Country

You may notice it’s harder to buy a new truck nowadays.

Due to the global supply-chain disruption of computer chips, medium and heavy auto manufacturers aren’t receiving critical parts to produce enough trucks. This has made it difficult to find a fair-priced truck in today’s market.

This article breaks down the challenges many businesses are facing due to the computer chip shortage, why it’s happening, and how equipment financing helps you act fast on available equipment.

Table of Contents

  1. The Problem With The Computer Chip Shortages
  2. Long-Lasting Impact on the Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Sector
  3. The Effects on USA-based Production Plants & Truck Brands
  4. How Dealerships Are Responding
  5. Get Your Next Truck Faster with Beacon Funding’s Pre-Approval Program

The Problem With The Computer Chip Shortage

The sparse supply of semiconductor computer chips has stalled American auto assembly lines. During the initial wave of the 2020 pandemic, auto manufacturers canceled large orders of semiconductors when they were forced to shut down.

Now plants are ordering them again.

At the same time, companies across the board are hoarding them – causing a ripple effect throughout the automotive industry.

A closeup of a semiconductor computer chip.

The timeline for customer orders for a truck used to take weeks. Because of supply chain delays, they’re now taking months.

Long-Term Impact on the Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Sector

There is speculation that prolonged effects of the computer chip paucity may extend into 2022, according to IHS Markit.

Others predict a similar timeline: According to a press release by technology research firm Gartner, the long-term ripple effects of the global semiconductor won’t return to normal until the second quarter of 2022.

“We are looking at couple of years… before we get enough incremental capacity online to alleviate all aspects of the chip shortage,” said IBM President Jim Whitehurst on BBC World Business News.

The Effects on USA-based Production Plants & Truck Brands

Peterbilt and Kenworth

In a statement from PACCAR, the largest manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the world announced in 2021 that their third quarter truck deliveries was short by approximately 7,000 vehicles. Production is likely to remain slow in the fourth quarter.

While demand for their trucks remains strong, they can’t complete enough trucks without the critical chips.

Ford’s Medium Duty Trucks

According to the Associated Press, sales of Ford’s F-Series trucks fell nearly 23% in August.

A fleet of Ford trucks sitting outside at a production plant.

  • Ford announced it slowed production at its Kanas City Assembly Plant for a couple weeks.
  • Shifts were also cut at truck plants in Dearborn, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky.

General Motors

Earlier this year, General Motors canceled shifts at four of its biggest U.S. factories in Texas after a severe winter storm created dangerous driving conditions for workers. This contributed to the plant’s delay of computer part deliveries even more.

How Dealerships Are Responding

As dealerships see less trucks in their lots, customers are facing higher asking prices.

Truck dealers who were able to sell a good volume of trucks before disruptions are now being limited by the manufacturers. Because of the limited supply, there are no “good deals.”

Instead, purchasing prices are being inflated.

Business owners who are fortunate to have enough cash to buy a truck have little-to-zero negotiating power. Even if buyers wait a day, there’s a line of people willing to pay the inflated price because there aren’t other options.

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