Equip Your Septic Pumper Business: 5 Financing Options with Beacon Funding

By Miles Hendrix| Apr 13, 2022| 3739 Views
Equip Your Septic Pumper Business: 5 Financing Options with Beacon Funding

With urbanization projected to increase over the next 30 years, the U.S. septic and pumper industry will grow. Is your business ready to take advantage of the increased demand?

The Waste Services industry in the U.S. is estimated to grow by nearly 3% as the economy recovers from the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. More broadly, the volume of municipal waste generated in the United States is projected to grow with population growth, business formation, and activity over the next five years. The industry is expected to reach $229 billion by 2027.

The rise in demand in this sector will allow you to expand your operations across various business ventures based on your hand equipment. Here we’ll break down some of the equipment to capitalize on the trends in the septic pumper industry.

Plus, learn how to use septic pumper financing to afford equipment now. The sooner the equipment is in action, the sooner you can use it to generate revenue.

Equipment You Should Consider

  1. Septic Pumper Trucks
  2. Mini Tanks
  3. Port-a-potties & Port-a-potty Trucks
  4. Mini Excavators
  5. Other Equipment

Septic Pumper Trucks


Having a larger fleet will help you cope smoothly with the rise in demand. Adding an additional septic truck to your business will allow you to service a variety of requests, including cleaning, inspection, repairs, and new system installs faster. Although this might seem like your best bet, purchasing one doesn’t come easy.

How Much Does a Septic Pumper Truck Cost?

Pumper trucks can range anywhere between $50,000 (ex: a used pumper truck)) or $225,000 (ex: a new 2022 Western Star 4900SB with a 5,000-gallon tank). That’s a lot of cash for a single purchase.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your cash on a large purchase. You have affordable options to finance your next truck.

Breaking Down the Costs of Expensive Trucks

Finding a cost-effective payment method can be your best bet. Equipment financing helps break down the cost into manageable monthly payments, keeping costs down to keep up with demand.

For example, you could break down its purchasing cost of $50,000 for as low as $918 a month by financing the pumper truck.

Financing your septic truck can also help you get it fast during the current truck shortage in the country. Don’t let your potential revenue slip away because you didn’t have the resources to finish the job on time – financing allows you to get that truck faster. Plus, it helps you build business credit and builds a positive credit portfolio for your future financing endeavors.

Mini Tanks


The U.S. holds the highest projections for waste management in North America, meaning that a larger fleet will help you meet the growing demand.

Containment of all chemicals is a key point for the health and safety of users within this space. A mini tank can help you with just that. Drums and carboys are an inconvenient, risky, and expensive way to transport and store hazardous chemicals. Investing in a mini tank can help you comply with current legislation from the UST provisions of the Energy Policy Act in the U.S.

You can increase your business by purchasing a mini tank, but it can be a costly investment. Equipment financing has proven to be a cost-effective way to reduce the burden with an affordable low monthly payment plan.

Scale-up Quicker by Financing a Tank or a Set of Mini Tank

Take Lea County Septic Tank Service, for instance: They went from a small business to a local success by financing a dewatering system, screening system, and holding storage tanks.

You can make smarter financing decisions by expanding your revenue sources.

Port-a-potties and Port-a-potty Trucks


The best way for your business to scale up is to expand into new avenues within your industry by bringing in new sources of revenue. With the pandemic easing off and a sense of normalcy setting in, you may see an increase in the demand for small waste management units at events, construction sites, and more.

The waste management industry will rely on transporting and installing Port-a-potties and waste disposal trucks.

Your business can take advantage of this growth by financing Port-a-potties and Port-a-potty trucks to get the best bang for your buck.

Mini Excavators


Mini excavators are tracked or wheeled vehicles used in construction. Because of their versatility, getting your hands on a compact excavator is a good idea. Since mini excavators do less intense work, they last longer than larger ones. Regarding a waste management business, a mini excavator would be primarily used for septic tank installations and replacements.

With the rise in urbanization and construction increasing, the demand for mini excavators has increased. The septic industry might have low seasonal periods, but construction is constantly rising. Diversify your business portfolio and start earning a profit by expanding into a new vertical even during your off-seasons.

Other Equipment

Are you looking to add other equipment to your business? For over 30 years now, we have helped companies in the septic and pumper fields expand their businesses from a startup to a success stories.

Growing your business vertically by adding existing equipment is a great way to scale but being able to diversify your income streams might be your next smart move into expanding your revenue.

Our flexible financing plans have helped businesses in Waste Management acquire title trucks, porta-potties, trailers, luxury lavatories, and even mounted tanks.

“It makes me feel good to know that dealing with Beacon Funding is like dealing with a local bank, like they’re a part of our community. Being a mom-and-pop business, you can’t just purchase equipment, and they made that easy for us,” Elijah Taylor, Lea County Septic Tank Service.

Watch how they were able to transform their businesses here.

How You Can Get Started

It’s time for you to start anticipating growth and work towards scaling up your operations and meeting growing demands. By financing a wide range of equipment, you’ll be able to grow your business faster to manage the increased demand.

Let’s connect and discuss your options- there is no commitment, no risk, and you could be approved within 48 hours. We’ll be glad to talk with you about how we can help.

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