How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Skid Steer for Landscaping?

Learn about the importance of skid steers for landscaping, their average cost, and how financing can lower upfront costs.

By Amanda Haraden| Sep 19, 2023| 5351 Views
How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Skid Steer for Landscaping?

The upfront cost of buying new equipment and paying for servicing and maintenance often overwhelms landscapers. And this is where financing comes into play – it is the best way to reduce upfront costs. Besides, it makes more sense to break down the cost of your purchase into small payments over an extended period rather than deal with one big upfront payment.

Today, operating a successful landscape enterprise takes a lot of effort. If you want to render a wide range of landscaping services at the best value, you’ll need to get several pieces of equipment. However, upfront costs often spiral out of control. Financial issues paired with supply chain hurdles push landscaping businesses to rent out skid steers rather than buy them through a financing solution.

The truth is that buying equipment like a skid steer with upfront costs is not practical for startups and small landscaping businesses. Instead, it is much simpler and easier to finance a skid steer in multiple payments over a long time. If you run a landscaping company, you understand that a skid steer is an invaluable tool to efficiently get the job done.

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  2. Skid Steers and Their Usefulness for Landscaping
  3. Prices for Buying a Skid Steer
  4. Lower Upfront Costs by Financing
  5. Estimate a Low Monthly Payment for a Skid Steer
  6. Get the Latest Skid Steer Sooner When You Finance

Opt for a Simple Skid Steer Financing Solution

Landscaping companies often wonder, “how much does it cost to buy a skid steer?” or “how to finance a skid steer.” The fact is that skid steer financing is straightforward and easier than most landscaping companies realize. The financing of a skid steer depends on many factors. Without a basic understanding, it can be difficult to decide how you can finance a skid steer.

Keeping that in mind, let’s touch on the importance of a skid steer for landscaping, average pricing for buying a skid steer, how you can lower upfront costs through financing, reasons to finance a skid steer, and how you can estimate a low monthly payment for a skid steer.

Skid Steers and Their Usefulness for Landscaping

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of skid steer costs, let’s first understand what exactly it is. Well, a skid steer is versatile small equipment that you can use for landscaping and construction. Skid steers feature a compact design and come with a variety of attachments.

A skid steer operator uses a bucket attachment to dig up gravel for their landscaping project.

Whether it’s hauling, grading, or digging, the skid steer is perfect to perform these types of tasks. In landscaping, you can use skid steers to perform tasks, like grading surfaces, clearing brush, and moving gravel and dirt. With a skid steer, you gain the ability to switch back and forth between multiple attachments that make modern-day skid steers multipurpose and resourceful equipment for landscaping companies.

Prices for Buying a Skid Steer

Depending on the model size and the required features, the skid steer cost to render landscaping services can vary. Typically, you can buy a skid steer for $30,000-$100,000. It all comes down to your budget and requirements for getting a used or new skid steer.

Used Skid Steers

Of course, a used skid steer costs much less than a brand-new skid steer. Decent used skid steers with one attachment go from $30,000-$60,000. Before you decide to buy a used skid steer, thoroughly check the equipment and ensure it is in a solid and functional condition. Insurance expenses, maintenance costs, and attachments can also impact the cost of buying a skid steer.

New Skid Steers

Most new skid steers are between $80,000-$100,000 depending on their lift capability. If you're shopping for a new skid steer and you don't see a price listed, reach out to the seller as it's most likely due to specifications and/or attachments that may be included.

How Attachments Affect Price

You’d be surprised how attachments can increase the purchase price of a skid steer, but also the versatility of the skid steer.

If there are complex attachments like hydraulic hammers and backhoes, the overall cost can increase by $10,000 to $20,000. It is vital to consider the proper attachments your business needs to make your skid steer as efficient as possible.

Lower Upfront Costs by Financing

Financing equipment makes it possible for landscaping companies to update their equipment and expand their offerings without having to pay all the upfront costs at once. Most importantly, it allows businesses to improve their operational efficiency and maintain a competitive edge.

At Beacon Funding, not only can we finance the cost of your skid steer but also all the additional attrachments you need, trailers to transport your equipment, and other miscelleneous gear to make the most of your new purchase.


Why Finance a Skid Steer?

Here are the main reasons that affirm why financing a skid steer is ideal for landscaping businesses:

Conserve Cash

One of the perks and reasons for financing a skid steer is that it allows you to conserve cash, which you can use to take care of other business needs, like marketing and payroll. When you spread the entire purchase cost of a skid steer over a specified period, it cuts out the need to come up with a lot of capital to make a single purchase. What’s interesting is that the financing option gives you prompt access to the skid steer to run your landscaping business.

Generate Revenue While You Pay for It

With the financing option, you can use the skid steer straight away to earn revenue. In layman’s terms, when you get direct access to a skid steer after financing, you can earn cash to cover monthly payments as well as make a profit. The fact is that financing is a more practical option than having to wait to save up enough cash to purchase a skid steer.

Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

One of the main reasons to finance skid steers is that you can customize the terms to fit your business needs. It means you can select the loan's terms and conditions, repayment schedule, and down payment that best fits your cash flow and budget.

Fixed Low Monthly Payments

In equipment financing, you pay a monthly fixed payment, which allows landscaping businesses to budget and make future plans. It is the best way to avoid fluctuations in payments and unexpected costs, which impact cash flow.

A business owner uses his mobile phone to calculate his financing payment for his next skid steer.

Tax Benefits

In most cases, financing a skid steer works in favor of the buyer. For instance, financing equipment gives buyers the ability to cut interest payments from their taxable income. From the perspective of the buyer, it is an effective way to lower your tax burden and get more savings for your company.

What Else?

Financing a skid steer also helps buyers preserve their credit lines for business needs, like growth opportunities, and cover unexpected expenses. When you’re not tied to a single big purchase, your business becomes more adaptable and flexible over time.

Take your time to research suitable skid steers and opt for the best financing option that fits your business needs. When you finance a skid steer, your goal should be to maintain a healthy cash flow and lower costs.

Estimate a Low Monthly Payment for a Skid Steer

If you’re planning to buy a skid steer and want to finance the purchase, you should have some idea about how much you’ll pay every month.

Estimate a low payment each month so that you can create a suitable budget and make logical decisions about purchasing and financing a skid steer.

4 Easy Steps

Here are the four steps to help you get started:

1) Choose your equipment type from the drop-down

When it comes to estimating a monthly payment, your first initiative should be to choose the “right” type of skid steer that you need to finance. And that’s because different kinds of skid steers have different financing options and costs. So, choose the skid steer that best meets your needs.

2) Input the cost of the equipment you want to finance

Once you choose the skid steer you need, input the equipment costs you want to finance. Remember that this also includes additional accessories or attachments you want to purchase along with the skid steer.

3) Enter the number of months you want to finance the equipment for

Figure out how long you need to finance your skid steer. Take your time to input the suitable months you can finance the equipment since it will directly impact the monthly payments. If the financing terms are set for a long time, you’ll pay lower monthly payments. On the flip side, this will increase the cost of the skid steer due to added interest.

4) Get your results!

Once you input all the relevant information, you’ll get an estimate of the monthly payment for financing the skid steer.


Estimating the financing will help you better understand the costs related to your purchase and allow you to make a calculated decision about your financing.

Get the Latest Skid Steer Sooner When You Finance

If you’re interested in buying a skid steer, you can apply for skid steer financing at Beacon Funding. All you need to do is take proactive action to finance your next skid steer with Beacon Funding. If you operate a relatively new landscaping business, then it makes all the more important to lean toward a financing solution rather than pay upfront costs to buy a skid steer.

For more than three decades, Beacon Funding has helped landscaping businesses of all sizes finance a variety of equipment, including skid steers. If you want to grow your fleet and generate more revenue, financing a skid steer from Beacon Funding is your best option.

Apply now for equipment financing, and you’ll soon find out why so many landscaping companies choose Beacon Funding. Get the equipment you need through financing and focus on earning more revenue to grow your landscaping business.

If you want to grow your business with a skid steer, tap into equipment financing for landscapers and get 1 on 1 consultation today. With Beacon Funding, you can get approval for a cost-effective financing solution that meets your needs within 24 hours.

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