How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Mini-Excavator for Landscaping?

Find out how much it can cost to buy a mini excavator for landscaping projects and why financing option makes sense in 2023

By Amanda Haraden| Apr 14, 2023| 654 Views
How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Mini-Excavator for Landscaping?

You may have heard about mini excavators as mini diggers or compact excavators. You can use a mini excavator for small to medium-sized landscaping projects that involve backfilling, grading, drilling, and leveling. Typically, mini excavators don’t weigh over seven metric tons.

In fact, it is one of the main reasons mini excavators have become ideal for tight jobs. Most mini excavators have no tail swing, which makes it easier for operators to move them around different building structures. In comparison, mini excavators use less fuel than large excavators.

Since mini excavators are lightweight, operators can use them on soft terrain without having to worry about damaging sidewalks or pavements. Because of these reasons, mini excavators are perfect for landscaping projects.

The Practicality of Buying and Operating Mini Excavators

It would be fair to state that mini extractors are must-have equipment for hardscapers. When you operate on the ground level, understand that most mini-excavators have a turning radius of 6 to 10 feet, which rounds up to 1.8 to 3 meters.

A mini-excavator can pivot around a relatively small space, which makes it ideal for working in confined spaces where larger equipment ordinarily wouldn’t be able to operate.

Once you get a mini excavator for a confined space, it is bound to alleviate a significant amount of burden from manual labor. Keeping that in mind, let’s break down the details of how you can buy a mini-excavator through financing without breaking the bank.

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Prices for Buying a Mini-Excavator

If you’re wondering, “How much does a mini excavator cost?” and “How much does it cost to lease a mini excavator? The answers are simpler think you think.

The price of a mini excavator boils down to its model, built-in features, size, attachments, and internal configuration. Typically, a mini excavator can range in price from $25,000 to $35,000, whereas a moderate-sized mini excavator can cost from $35,000 to $55,000. However, the average price of a big mini excavator can be between $60,000 to 95,000.

There is a huge difference in price between used and new mini excavators. If you’re looking to buy a brand new mini excavator, take into account more than just a few elements that may impact the pricing.

Sure, you can get a used small excavator at a low price. But understand that their cost depends on age, wear and tear, current condition, and other similar factors. When it comes to calculating the ownership cost of purchasing a small excavator, take into account added costs, like insurance, financing, and maintenance.

While getting a mini excavator for a small or medium-scale landscaping project is a smart move, it can be challenging to gauge the “right” pricing. And if you’re looking to buy a used mini excavator, you’ll need to take into account variable factors like age and usage hours and avoid generalizations.

Still, whether you’re looking for a used or new mini excavator, you can finance it through Beacon Funding. Through Beacon Funding, you can finance this piece of equipment despite its age and get it immediately to run your business operations and generate more revenue.

Mini Excavator Cost Composition

While you can easily identify the main ownership costs, like insurance and taxes, it can be difficult to understand the actualized price. Your goal should be to look beyond the buying price since the total cost can involve more components. In terms of operating costs, it can involve the insurance coverage level for an operator.

Operating costs can also include fuel consumption. So, if the fuel prices are higher in your area, lean towards more fuel-efficient options. You can, of course, calculate your fuel costs. All you have to do is multiply the mini excavator’s fuel consumption rate by the cost of a single gallon.

In terms of operating costs, you’ll need to consider the wear and tear of the machine. Also, take into account the overall cost of replacement parts you intend to buy. When calculating the purchase cost of a small excavator, figure out the cost of attachments.

Several factors can impact the buying cost of a small excavator. On top of fuel costs, brand awareness can also affect the price of a small excavator. If you purchase a small excavator from a reputable brand, the total cost will inevitably be much higher than other brands’ mini excavators.

Repair and maintenance elements also add up to the cost of a small excavator. For instance, if the frequency of repairs and maintenance is irregular, it will increase the total price point. In layman’s terms, if the equipment doesn’t need regular servicing, you’ll likely have to pay a higher cost for a mini excavator. But that’s not “it” – key components of a mini excavator, like the hydraulic system and the engine, can also impact the purchase price.

Why are Mini-Excavators a Must-Have?

A mini excavator is a highly versatile piece of equipment that operators can use for a wide range of landscaping applications. A mini excavator works for various landscaping applications that help operators be more efficient and save a lot of time.

A red mini excavator sits on a road during a digging project.

Depending on the attachments, you can use a mini excavator to perform the following tasks:

Site preparation

You can operate a mini excavator to clear a small piece of land and then prepare the ground for construction or landscaping.


You can use a mini excavator to dig trenches for drainage systems, planting trees, and irrigation systems.


Operators often use mini excavators to demolish small architectural structures like patios, decks, and sheds.


You can use a small excavator to level the ground and develop a smooth landscaping surface for projects like installing pavers or laying sod.

Tree and shrub removal

Operators often use a mini excavator to cut out shrubs and trees and grind stumps.


You can utilize a mini excavator to install terraces, retaining walls, and a variety of hardscaping features.

Remove Snow

If you get a mini excavator with a snow plow attachment or built-in snow blower, you can use it to clear ice and snow from parking lots, driveways, and paved spaces.

Lower Upfront Costs by Financing

When you decide to buy a mini excavator for a broad range of projects, make sure to consider the specific attachments and features you’ll need to complete the projects successfully. With Beacon Funding, mini excavator financing has become easy and straightforward to buy a new or used piece of equipment.

You can also finance suitable attachments for your small excavator, like buckets, hydraulic breakers, augers, and thumbs. Make sure to consider the weight and size of the mini excavator to confirm the machine can access a specific area you’re working on.

Why Finance a Mini Excavator?

There are many benefits and reasons to opt for a mini excavator for the landscaping business. Let’s look at the essential reasons to finance a mini excavator in 2023:

Conserve Cash

One of the main reasons to finance a small excavator is that you can depend on it over time and decrease high upfront costs. Besides, it is not practical to pay a huge upfront payment when you can break down the purchase price into small payments over an extended period.

It saves you the trouble of having to come up with significant upfront capital to buy a small excavator. With financing, you can also have instant access to a mini excavator and start your landscaping business projects right away.

Generate Revenue While You Pay for It

Why wait to save up a big chunk of cash when you can finance a mini excavator and initiate the operations to generate revenue? In fact, you can generate enough revenue to take care of all monthly payments and earn higher profit margins.

Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

Another reason to finance a small excavator is that it allows you to agree to terms that suit your business needs. You can choose specific loan terms and conditions, a down payment, and repayment schedules that tie together with your budget and cash flow.

Fixed Low Monthly Payments

When you finance a piece of equipment like a small excavator, you make a fixed monthly payment. As a result, it allows you to create more room in your budget and complete future goals. If you don't want to deal with unexpected costs and fluctuations in payments that impact overall cash flow, then opt for equipment financing.


Tax Benefits

Mostly, financing a small excavator is beneficial for the buyer. And that’s because equipment financing allows buyers to eliminate interest-based payments from taxable income. Financing is the best option for buyers to lower their tax burden and save more money.

Estimate a Low Monthly Payment for a Mini-Excavator

Calculating how to finance a budget-friendly machine like a mini excavator is no rocket science. Affordability is the main factor that propels most buyers to finance a small excavator.

A business owner manages his mini excavator financing using his mobile device and Beacon Funding's mobile app.

You can use an equipment financing calculator to estimate affordable monthly payments on the small excavator. With the equipment financing calculator mobile app, you can easily find a small excavator that meets your budget.

Quick and Simple Mini-Excavator Financing

When you consider an equipment financing option, take your time and compare terms and interest rates to choose the best option that fits into your budget.

If you’re looking for a mini excavator for one of your landscaping projects, leave it to Beacon Funding to help you apply for financing in a matter of minutes and get approval within 24 hours.

On Beacon Funding, you can apply for financing right now without any strings attached.


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