7 Reasons to Finance a Landscape Truck in 2023

There are a few competitive advantages to financing your landscaping truck instead of paying cash… do any of these apply to you?

By Amanda Haraden| Feb 2, 2023| 1408 Views

Getting a landscaping truck this year doesn’t have to be difficult. When you need to grow your fleet fast, there’s an easier way besides paying with cash.

In this article, you will learn 7 ways you can take advantage of financing your next landscaping truck to grow your fleet.

In this article…

  1. Grow Your Landscaping Fleet with This Smart Decision
  2. Seven Advantages of Financing Your Landscaping Truck
  3. Calculate Your Next Truck's Monthly Payment
  4. Apply for Landscape Truck Financing Now

Grow Your Landscaping Fleet with This Smart Decision

Financing gives you access to funds to expand your fleet add new equipment when you need it. The hardest part is finding a lender who gets the deal approved.

Traditional lenders and banks lack expertise – they have stricter lending criteria. If you’re looking to build your landscaping businesses with a new truck, work with a financing partner that understands your business goals.

7 Advantages of Financing Your Landscaping Truck

1. Spread Out Your Equipment Cost

Easily afford your next expensive equipment purchase with a financing plan that fits your budget.

Business owner wearing glasses and a blue buttoned-up shirt reviews his monthly expenses on a sheet of paper.

2. Flexible Payment Options and Specials

You may qualify for no money down, skip payments, equipment upgrades, buy now pay later options, and other financing that matches your business.

3. Obtain the Industry’s Latest Equipment Model

Give your fleet a serious boost by adding the newest and best equipment.

4. Get Your Equipment Fast

Apply in minutes, get approved within 24 hours.

5. Earn as You Finance

Put your new truck to work earning revenue, then use the funds to make your payments.

6. Maintain Liquidity

Preserve your cash and use it for incidentals, expenses, and payroll.

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7. Achieve Equipment Ownership

Beacon’s Lease-to-Own program allows you to own equipment at the end of your financing term.

Calculate Your Next Truck’s Monthly Payment

Affordability is a key part of deciding when to finance your next truck. That’s why we built a FREE Equipment Financing Calculator to help you estimate your low monthly payments for your next truck. With this calculator at your fingertips, you can:

  • Get a fast, easy readout of your monthly payment.
  • See how much equipment financing will save you on your next tax return.
  • Determine how much monthly revenue your business needs to breakeven on your monthly payment.

When you can calculate low monthly payments from anywhere, you don’t have to disrupt your work schedule to get your next truck. Experience how easy it is to download, calculate, and apply for financing.

Apply for Landscape Truck Financing Now

When you need help maintaining your business growth, Beacon Funding can help you get another truck in your fleet no matter how simple or complex your situation is.

Getting started at Beacon Funding is easy. All it takes is a 5-minute, risk-free application. Apply in minutes and get approved within 24 hours. The process is simple, easy, and fast.


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