Tips and Best Practices of Advanced Automation for Your Screen Printing Business

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Tips and Best Practices of Advanced Automation for Your Screen Printing Business

If you run a screen printing business, you know the value and relevance of staying ahead of your competition. And when it comes to transforming your screen printing business, you can’t do it without advanced automation.

This allows you to do more than just streamline processes – you can leverage advanced screen printing automation to improve special effects, improve overall efficiency, and create new opportunities to drive more growth and earn higher revenue.

In the tech-driven and digital age, data shows that the screen printing landscape is moving toward automation. The screen printing landscape is evolving like other industries, and business owners need to adopt advanced automation to maintain thriving operations.

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of making the most out of advanced automation for your screen printing business. You’ll also learn how to address the main challenges and navigate complex processes to create a thriving screen-printing company.

In this article…

  1. Amplify Your Special Effects with Automated Screen Making
  2. Transform Your Screen Room with Advanced Automation
  3. Explore the Types of Automation Available
  4. Prioritizing Automation Processes for Optimal Impact
  5. Tackling Challenges in Selecting Automation Processes
  6. Embracing Advanced Automated Screen Printing

Amplify Your Special Effects with Automated Screen Making

Advanced automation has had a positive impact across so many industries. And screen printing will never be the same thanks to advanced automation. From scaling new designs to heightening special effects, advanced automation is transforming the visual impact altogether.

High-density printing

Once you automate your screen printing, you can bring forth new designs with impressive textured effects and create a massive visual impression. When you work with advanced automation, it allows you to add 3D elements to all your prints.

It’s a captivating and modern technique that can help you create memorable and unique products. And this is how you stand out from your competition. This technology essentially allows you to offer your customers great-looking and tactile designs.

Water-based printing

With advanced automation tech, you can create eco-friendly and vibrant prints and ensure a warm and softer touch. This allows screen printing businesses to reach out to customers who are environmentally conscious.

With automated screen printing, you can utilize water-based inks and create soft and touchable prints. When you take these eco-friendly measures, it allows you to fulfill the void for sustainable products. Similarly, you will be able to align your screen printing business with eco-friendly values.

Embrace other special effects

Advanced automation in screen printing allows you to incorporate methods like metallic and foiling inks so that you can add more value and uniqueness to your prints.

In fact, advanced automation makes it possible to play around with more special effects and make your designs incredibly unique.

More unique designs in your prints will help you garner the interest of more sophisticated customers. This will propel you to bring out more richness in your prints and raise the bar of quality.

Transform Your Screen Room with Advanced Automation

With automated screen printing, businesses can reap a diverse range of benefits that extend beyond better special effects. For starters, advanced automation allows you to streamline your entire screen room process. This, in turn, helps you save a lot of time and effort.

Say goodbye to manual tasks

You can leverage advanced automation to automate processes such as drying and emulsion coating to save a significant amount of time. Mostly, it saves you from having to deal with manual effort. Besides, gone are the days when screen printing businesses had to rely on manual labor and repetitive tasks.

Advanced automation allows printing businesses to automate these tasks. You can still have skilled staff on-site, but advanced automation allows them to better focus on their jobs and optimize the entire printing process. This also means higher quality control and more innovation across designs.

Achieve precision and consistency

With advanced automation, screen printing businesses can use automated registration and exposure systems. As a result, you’ll be able to hit more accuracy with repeated printing. Consistency and precision are integral to running a successful screen printing business.

With advanced automation, you can mirror a lot of original designs in no time. It also allows you to offer a variety of designs and makes it easier to maintain a uniform screen printing business.

Streamline your workflow

Operational efficiency is all about maintaining a streamlined and integrated workflow. And advanced automation makes it possible to flawlessly tie together pre-press and post-press processes.

Ultimately, this helps you cut out inefficiencies and bottlenecks. You’ll also be able to lower turnaround and, in turn, handle big orders. Streamlined operations boost efficiency and would allow your screen printing business to accept more projects.

Explore the Types of Automation Available

Advanced automation in screen printing works wonders and allows businesses to utilize this technology to design more unique prints and optimize product processes at the same time.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of automation your screen printing company can implement:

Automatic screen-coating machines

These machines will help you maintain consistent and stable emulsion applications with utmost precision and lightning-fast speed. These machines can also help you save valuable time and reduce overall waste. If you were to leverage even coating, you could hit optimal quality of prints and cut out the need for more reprints. In the end, this makes your screen printing process more efficient.

Computer-to-Screen systems

CTS, or computer-to-screen systems, allow you to digitally move your print designs without compromising their accuracy and originality. This is a powerful automation approach to make screen printing production effective and swift. 

CTS works as a digital technology that can help you transform your screen printing process. Once you use computer-to-screen systems, you will never go back to traditional screen printing. This essentially makes your screen printing processes more accurate and faster. It also minimizes errors and overall set-up time.

Automated exposure units

These units are robotic printing processes that can take your screen printing automation to a new level. With automated exposure units, you can achieve repeatable exposure and precision.

These units also help you heighten the print quality and minimize the likelihood of making common mistakes that usually cost screen printing businesses a lot of money. At its core, robotic printing allows you to match your original designs without compromising on accuracy.

Robotic printing presses

RPP is an automated ink registration and application that helps you maximize your production rates. With robotic printing presses, you can reshape and adjust your automation.

For instance, you can use robotic printing processes to take care of a high volume of designs and handle a lot of orders without breaking a sweat. In layman’s terms, robotic printing presses allow you to handle a lot of orders efficiently.

Prioritizing Automation Processes for Optimal Impact

If you want to leverage advanced automation to its full capacity, identify the screen printing processes that will reap the most benefits.

Identify pain points

This involves reviewing your existing processes so that you can determine strategic steps that take up most of your labor, resources, and time. Remember that identified pain points become key elements for automation.

Consider demand and volume

If your screen printing processes involve a lot of design requirements, then you’re more likely to make errors. So, prioritize to use automation to keep high quality and quick turnaround times. 

Assess costs and budget

You should also prioritize your automation processes based on your budget. Automate to hit higher returns on your investment. After that, review the implementation costs against overall benefits to make more informed business decisions.

Tackling Challenges in Selecting Automation Processes

Learning curve and training

Make sure that your employees get proper training so that they can operate and maintain your automated equipment.

Compatibility and integration

Review the integration and compatibility of the automation system and see whether or not it aligns well with your current infrastructure.

Long-term scalability

Prioritize future scalability and use automation to support your changing screen printing business needs.

Embracing Advanced Automated Screen Printing

Screen printing establishments that want to drive unprecedented growth can now leverage automation. In fact, it is a portal to achieve success that ordinarily wouldn’t be possible. Once you adopt automated screen printing, you can unlock more efficiency, direct your business in a growth-driven direction, and enhance your special effects.

Think of embracing automated screen printing for your business as a first step to hitting an all-time high growth. Most importantly, investing in dedicated and advanced automation tech allows you to explore new avenues and opportunities, and Beacon Funding can help you achieve your financing requirements.

Embracing advanced automation will also improve your screen printing company’s market position, help you keep up with changing market dynamics, and create room for exponential growth. It takes a perfect combination of technology and passion to become an industry leader in the screen printing space.

It is high time to delight your customers and gain a significant competitive edge. You have the opportunity to embrace automated screen printing and make it the foundational core of your company’s strategy.

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