How to Connect With Your Customers: Pinterest for Embroidery Businesses

By John Wesolowski| Feb 11, 2015| 1884 Views
How to Connect With Your Customers: Pinterest for Embroidery Businesses

Whether you’re an e-commerce design site or you design custom patch work, your embroidery business will always need more exposure to your target audience. One easy way to get more clients and engage online users is through Pinterest.

You may think that you have plenty of other things to worry about besides Pinterest that garners business, but that’s what makes Pinterest a sevret weapon for embroidery businesses. Pinterest is the second highest social media referral traffic site behind Facebook. Yes, you read that right.

This is where consumers go to get their creative fix and find inspiration for their next project. Pinterest is a visual medium, so showcasing your work there can directly pinpoint customers. Get it? Anyway, enough with the jokes. Let’s get the inside scoop on your target market and start pinning!

How can I get customers through Pinterest?

Start by creating an account as a business. Do some poking around and see what the site has to offer. Who's pinning embroidery tips, designs, and projects that you like? What boards inspire you? Save these ideas and examples in your back pocket because you’ll need them later. Don’t forget to be creative with your search terms. There is a lot more out there than just “embroidery designs”. The deeper you go with your search, the more you’ll find.

Two embroidery businesses featured on Pinterest.

Get organized

Now it’s time to start pinning. Let’s get your products and ideas out there. Start creating boards based on your customers’ interests, whether it be baby clothes for new mothers or designs to get in the mood for summer. Pick what meshes with topics people are already pinning and what products you have to offer.

Once you start getting a good amount of boards, organize them based on what you think is the most important. Also, make sure to write fun descriptions with valuable details. Putting in the time and effort to create and organize your boards will make your page perform better!

For the amount of content you put up, there should be variety. Don’t just upload photos of the newest designs you have. Show how-tos and examples of your work including tips, videos, and even pins from other users. Make it an experience for the user and not just another sales page. Embroidery is a passion of yours; your Pinterest should be a reflection of that.

Start growing

Now that you’re really getting your Pinterest profile going, check out some other pinners in the embroidery community. Connect with them, comment on pins, re-pin what you like, send pins to others, follow relevant boards—do it all! This will help you get in touch with the embroidery community (including at-home pinners and other businesses like yours).

Seeing how other pinners find you can help you understand if your strategy is working. Type in in your browser with your URL instead of and see what you discover. This can help you on the business side to see what products pique users’ interests… and it’ll also help you get intel on what works on your site.

You can also post competitions to get the community involved with your brand. Try seeing what creative ideas your followers and other users can come up with. This will give your brand exposure, and it’ll be fun for pinners, too. Make sure not to make them too salesy—otherwise Pinterest will dock you. There are many other rules for Pinterest, so be sure to read up here before you start.

Get connected

This next step is crucial to getting your Pinterest off the ground. Add a "Save" button to your website. That way, if users see something they like, they can add it to their Pinterest board right from your site. Simply adding this “Save” button to all of your site’s images can give you free exposure. This helps grow your brand presence and keeps you connected to your potential customers. Also, free exposure is awesome!

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is to add a follow on Pinterest button to the header or footer of your website, wherever your other social media icons are housed. Don’t be hesitant to share it with others—be proud of your pins! Others will appreciate the work you put into your Pinterest page and respect your brand.

Use Pinterest like a champ

Now that you have the essential steps to get Pinterest going for your embroidery business, you can really tap into your customers’ hobbies and interests. By connecting the creative process, e-commerce shopping, and social media, you can earn the chance to connect with your customers in a new way through a medium they adore. If you need more help, check out Pinterest’s self-created guides. Good luck and happy pinning!

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