9 Apps and Websites to Keep Your Small Business Organized

By Becky Neems| Feb 1, 2017| 3513 Views
9 Apps and Websites to Keep Your Small Business Organized

Whether you’ve been in business one month or 20 years, staying organized always seems to be a problem when running a small business. From accounting to communication, making sure everything is running smoothly is time consuming and often frustrating. But with these nine apps and websites, managing and organizing your small business will be substantially easier.  Alleviate some of the worst headaches of running a business and get ready to take the year by storm.

1. Evernote

Ever have a brilliant idea only to realize there’s no pen and paper in sight? Evernote is the solution. This easy-to-use app makes sure you always have a place to jot down ideas, notes, contact information, and whatever else you would typically use a notepad for. On top of that, you can store audio memos, online articles, emails, and log just about anything you can think of. Keep your thoughts and inspirations neatly organized into one place.

2. Expensify

No matter what size business you run, expense reports aren’t fun. Things fall through the cracks, receipts go missing, and someone always thinks they didn’t get paid. Expensify makes things a little bit easier on everyone. Submit, approve, and pay all in one spot. No more headaches or hassle!

3. Freshbooks

When you decided to start a business, you probably didn’t realize how much accounting you’d be stuck with. Freshbooks helps to make it a little easier to navigate all those numbers. From invoicing to timekeeping, Freshbooks well help you do it all.

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4. ZipRecruiter

Sick of posting to job board after job board? ZipRecruiter will do it for you. You’ll reach more people and find it easier to keep track of your hiring efforts. All your postings, applications, and resumes will be housed in one convenient location. The best part?  ZipRecruiter makes it easy to screen candidates using custom questions and a simple rating system that allows hiring decision makers to view top applications.

5. ShipStation

Let’s face it, shipping is a pain. Creating separate labels and tracking packages is just way harder than it should be. ShipStation takes away some of that frustration. This shipping software helps you automate the process. For eCommerce, you can link it to your selling platform. The program will create labels, tracking numbers, and give you rates for different carriers. If you aren’t an eCommerce business but ship often, Ship Station can still help. Create large batches of labels and compare rates.

6. Asana

Managing multiple projects and employees is never easy, but Asana certainly helps. Assign tasks, check progress, and communicate with your team all in one place. The mobile app makes it easy to manage employees even when everyone is on the go.

7. MailChimp

Step up your marketing game with MailChimp. Create targeted campaigns, send automated messages, and start sending marketing emails. It even provides analytics for you to gauge the success of your marketing efforts.

8. Pocket

A little like Pinterest for real life, Pocket lets you save things to view for later. Save articles, videos, and so much more all in one convenient place. Don’t you hate when you start reading a really great article only to be interrupted and unable to find it later on? Pocket solves that problem. You metaphorically take the content and put in your pocket for later.

9. Slack

Eliminate any communication gap that may be plaguing your business. Slack makes it easy to share ideas, post updates, and discuss tasks with teammates. This online message board keeps everything organized in “channels,” and makes sure employees near and far stay in the loop.


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Becky Neems

Becky Neems

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