What Exactly Does 100% Financing Mean for Getting Equipment?

No money down equipment financing offers certain benefits others can’t. See why they’re so popular and how you might be able to take advantage of it today.

By Beacon Funding| Jul 14, 2023| 999 Views
What Exactly Does 100% Financing Mean for Getting Equipment?

During unpredictable economic times, the more liquid a business is the better prepared it is to handle emergencies. No money down can be a game changer for businesses.

By eliminating the barrier of a down payment, businesses may be more inclined to invest in equipment upgrades or expansions that can stimulate growth and efficiency. This can lead to improved productivity, cost savings and enhanced competiveness even in a challenging economic climate. Specialized lenders like Beacon Funding offer 100% financing solutions as a viable option for business owners looking to expand their operations without the burden of upfront costs.

In this article, you can learn the advantages of using 100% financing for growing your business.

In this article…

  1. What is 100% financing?
  2. How does 100% financing work?
  3. Why choose No Money Down plans?
  4. What businesses benefit most?
  5. Common Questions
  6. Where can you sign up for a 100% financing special?

What is 100% financing?

At its core, 100% financing refers to a funding arrangement that covers the full cost of an asset or investment without requiring any upfront payment from the borrower. It eliminates the need for a down payment, allowing businesses to acquire the necessary equipment or assets immediately.

Beacon Funding offers 100% financing for well-qualified buyers looking to add equipment. This is perfect for anyone looking to add equipment without the burden of upfront costs.


How does 100% financing work?

100% financing is typically offered by financial institutions, leasing companies, or specialized lenders who understand the unique needs of businesses.

Closeup of a tow truck operater using a flatbed wrecker his company acquired by financing with no down payment from Beacon Funding.

The financing provider assumes the upfront costs of the desired asset or investment and enters into an agreement with the borrower to repay the amount over an agreed-upon period.

Why choose No Money Down Plans?

  1. Pay as You Profit. With 100% financing, businesses can pay off the loan or lease as they generate revenue from their operations, ensuring that their cash flow remains uninterrupted.
  2. Keep Cash Reserves. By eliminating the need for substantial upfront payment, businesses can preserve their cash reserves for other essential expenses such as marketing, hiring, or unexpected emergencies.
  3. Scale Up with Better Equipment. Access to 100% financing enables businesses to upgrade their equipment or invest in higher-quality assets, ultimately improving productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

A line of brand new embroidery sewing machines that were acquired with Beacon Funding's 100% financing program.

What businesses benefit most?

Businesses short on cash. Small businesses or startups often face the challenge of limited capital. 100% financing provides an opportunity to overcome this hurdle by enabling them to acquire the necessary resources without a substantial upfront payment.

Businesses looking to diversify their operations. When businesses aim to expand or diversify their operations, 100% financing can be instrumental. For instance, a decorated apparel business may require an additional equipment unit for their assembly line, or a towing business may need to upgrade their truck to tow heavier automobiles.

Common questions to 100% financing

Does everyone qualify?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the lender and the specific financing program. Factors such as creditworthiness, business history, and the nature of the asset being financed may influence qualification.

Is it really no money down?

While businesses can avoid an upfront payment, there may still be associated costs, such as administrative fees or interest charges.

Do you qualify for tax savings?

Depending on your location and the financing structure, you may be eligible for tax deductions or incentives. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand the specific implications.

Who is 100% financing meant for?

100% financing is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses with limited cash reserves. It allows them to access crucial assets and investments without incurring significant upfront costs, helping them overcome financial barriers and foster growth.

Where can you sign up for a 100% financing special?

When businesses rely on equipment to function, skipping that next upgrade or delaying adding equipment is not an option. Beacon Funding's no-money down program can help well-qualified customers obtain the equipment they need to continue their operations and maintain productivity even during economic downturns.


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