Result-Driven Equipment Financing (What Customers Are Saying About Beacon Funding’s Programs)

By Miles Hendrix| May 18, 2021| 2423 Views

This video features business owners who worked with Beacon Funding to finance multiple pieces of equipment. Listed in order of appearance: Elijah Taylor (Lea County Septic Tank Service), Bryan Huber (Icon Screening, Inc.), and Jeff Rappaport (Team Gear, Inc.) 

Friendly Service and Knowledgeable Equipment Expertise

Business owners nationwide are raving about how Beacon Funding’s result-driven financing programs that actually work. Talk with a consultant today and see how you can find a financing program that helps you get the results you need and effectively grow your business.

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Effective Financing Programs with Actual Results

Many lenders turn businesses away because they don’t fit into their financing criteria. That’s not fair, is it?

Unlike traditional lenders, Beacon Funding strives to find customers the most competitive equipment financing options for their situation. For over thirty years, Beacon Funding has established itself as a go-to resource for results-driven equipment financing.

Beacon Funding’s programs have created positive results across many different markets. Elijah Taylor, owner of Lea County Septic Tank Service, was able to use the equipment they financed to create a new revenue stream. “It makes me feel good to know that dealing with Beacon Funding is like dealing with a local bank… like they’re part of our community,” said Taylor.

Elijah Taylor, owner of Lea County Septic, grew his business with Beacon Funding's help.

A common challenge businesses face is cash flow. When a business needs equipment but doesn’t have the cash (or doesn’t want to spend it), Beacon Funding is there to help. “Being a mom-and-pop business, you can’t just go out and purchase equipment, and they made that easy for us. I’d recommend them to anyone,” said Taylor.

Bryan Huber, owner of Icon Screening, Inc., also found success through financing equipment. “A call to Beacon to finance a new folding machine enabled us to increase our packing capacity dramatically, thus enabling us to land a contract with a company that had a lot of packing needs,” said Huber.

Equipment Expertise for Your Business

As an equipment financing partner, Beacon goes the extra mile to help customers get the financing support they need.

Jeff Rappaport, owner of Team Gear, expanded his operation with equipment financing.

“Beacon Funding is more than a funding partner, they have experience in our equipment,” said Jeff Rappaport, owner of Team Gear. “When we are looking to buy a piece of equipment, I trust Beacon because our equipment is an investment, and Beacon looks at it that way as well.”

Beacon Funding specializes in lending for many different types of equipment -- from industrial embroidery and screen-printing machines to commercial vehicles. Bryan Huber originally financed decorated apparel equipment for his business, Icon Screening. When they needed a big delivery truck, they were happy to be able to rely on Beacon once again.

“A great thing about Beacon Funding that I didn’t know at the beginning was that they actually lend for all types of equipment, not just industry-specific,” said Huber.

Flexible Financing Built for Your Unique Goals (Non-Cookie-Cutter Approach)

Beacon Funding’s flexible financing programs help conserve cash and avoid budget restrictions. Our financing consultants are experts at finding ways to help you manage monthly payments – all while your equipment is working to bring you revenue while working in production!

Bryan Huber, President of Icon Screening Inc, financed screen printing equipment to help meet his business goals.

“I would absolutely recommend Beacon Funding to others looking to finance equipment purchases,” said Bryan Huber, President of Icon Screening Inc. “Definitely having the equipment on the floor and paying for it in increments is worth a lot more than just upfront cash, and a big expenditure, and then a hole in your balance sheet.”

Right from the get-go, your financing consultants are there to help you find a flexible financing option to help you achieve your goals.

“Beacon went out of the box of a typical financing company and became our partner,” said Jeff Rappaport, Owner of Team Gear Inc. “I would definitely recommend Beacon Funding to meet all of your equipment financing needs and as a consultant for which equipment to invest in.”

Even during challenging times, Beacon’s friendly staff provides quick support, so you can focus on growing your business.

“The staff was great and everybody took care of us! Time and time again, when changes needed to be made, they took care of us. I would recommend them a thousand times over,” said Taylor.

How To Get Equipment Financing That Can Grow Your Business

How can Beacon set your business up for success? Our dedicated team of financing consultants are experts on equipment in your core market. If you need answers to grow your business, schedule a call today! Your rep has a wealth of knowledge to identify the right deal for your business’s unique situation.

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