Highlights from The Decorated Apparel Expo 2024

By Robby Jimenez| May 2, 2024| 430 Views
Highlights from The Decorated Apparel Expo 2024

The 2024 Decorated Apparel Expo in Tinley Park, Illinois proved to be an outstanding triumph! Over the course of two exhilarating days, shop owners and garment enthusiasts converged to network and explore cutting-edge technology in the decorated apparel industry.

In this article, you’ll find a quick recap of what happened at this year’s DAX tradeshow!

In this article…

  1. Highlights from This Year’s Tradeshow
  2. Who Won $150 VISA Gift Card?
  3. DAX Attendees: There’s Still Time to Finance Equipment for $0 Down

Highlights from This Year’s Tradeshow

The Decorated Apparel Expo, a premier tradeshow in the embroidery, digital garment decorating, and screen printing industry, lived up to its reputation this year. Thousands of attendees flocked to the show, eager to glean insights into the industry’s latest trends, forge valuable connections, and discover strategies for business expansion.

Here are some of the key events that occurred this year:

Hands-on Workshops and Educational Seminars!

Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to delve into the intricate world of printing, embroidery, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Here’s a glimpse of what happened:

Mastering the Art of Printing

Attendees explored the nuances of different inks and print techniques to captivate customers’’ attention. Whether it was the vibrant hues of screen printing or the precision of digital printing, they discovered how to leave a lasting impression with their creations.

Embroidery Essentials

Enthusiasts unraveled the secrets of embroidery with comprehensive workshops covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques. They learned the art of proper hooping, troubleshooted thread breaks and puckering, and elevated their embroidery game to new heights.

Machine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Attendees equipped themselves with the knowledge to keep their embroidery machines running smoothly. From routine maintenance to diagnosing and solving common issues, they gained invaluable insights into maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of their equipment.

Exploring the Frontier of AI in Designs

Business owners stepped into the future of design with enlightening sessions on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. They discovered how Midjourney and Photoshop revolutionized the creative process, enabling them to craft breathtaking designs in record time. They unleashed their imagination and unlocked the potential of AI to transform projects in a fraction of a second.

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