Is Upgrading Your Equipment Possible When You Finance?

By Asher Zallik| Aug 5, 2021| 5805 Views

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The myths of leasing and financing may be holding you back from acquiring the equipment your business needs. If equipment upgrades are so difficult, why were half of all commercial equipment purchases in 2019 financed?  Every superhero needs a sidekick to help them achieve their victories. An equipment financing partner can be that sidekick to help you get the equipment you need and grow your business.

Are you struggling to fight what’s fact and fiction in the equipment financing and leasing industry? KA-POW! Beacon Funding’s here to help reveal the truth.

Watch the video, or dive deeper into the article, to discover how upgrading your equipment is possible with an equipment financing program that fits your needs!

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Fact or fiction? Financing equipment makes it difficult to upgrade later. Fiction! An equipment upgrade program makes it easy to upgrade later!

Fiction: Financing Equipment Makes It Difficult to Upgrade Later

Fact! Beacon Funding Offers Equipment Upgrade Programs

The truth is an equipment upgrade program makes it possible to upgrade to bigger and better equipment even if you have an existing lease. Beacon Funding personally underwrites hundreds of these upgrades annually, providing businesses the flexibility to upgrade to the equipment you need before your financing term is over.

How Equipment Upgrade Programs Work

You essentially exit your current contract and replace it with a larger, newer transaction. Afterwards, Beacon will forego all the remaining financing charges on the first contract and honor the terms of the new agreement.

Watch how you get get a flexible financing plan to upgrade your equipment. 

Why is this a win-win for customers and the financing company?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Your business grows gradually into the newer, larger, more powerful equipment.
  • Your business has versatility to react to market changes and meet higher demands.
  • The financing company mitigates a little risk and exposure.

Benefits of Upgrade Payoffs

When talking to businesses about upgrade payoffs, they often hope to payoff, sell, or trade in their older equipment. This allows them to upgrade their equipment midstream with no additional financing charges and grow their business without taking on 2 monthly payments.

It’s essential to speak with your lender about their upgrade payoff options as these can vary.

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Financing is one of the top options used by many businesses. Don’t let the myths and misconceptions of the industry hold you back from growing. Are you ready to supercharge your business?!

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