How Situational Awareness Can Help You Grow Your Crane And Truck Business

Be proactive this Situational Awareness Day by following the following steps.

By Stephanie Richards, CLFP| Sep 26, 2022| 1764 Views
How Situational Awareness Can Help You Grow Your Crane And Truck Business

With Situational Awareness Day around the corner, we at Beacon Funding would like to shed light on the importance of this day for impacting the prosperity of commercial truck and crane operators.

Heavy equipment operators play an integral role in the safety and efficient operation of heavy equipment. They observe the environment, understand the situation, and make informed decisions.

Being a tow truck operator means staying alert and paying attention to everything on the road. As an emergency vehicle, having situational awareness is crucial.

Why is Situational Awareness Day Important?

Every year, September 26 is Situational Awareness Day. It is a reminder of the importance of staying alert on the job. Today, we are all encouraged to focus on our safety and those around us.

Today is an important day to remember, no matter the job; safety is #1. We want you to stay safe.

When it comes down to tow truck and crane operators, it’s essential to their business. The safety of everyone on the worksite is predominately in their hands.

Operating a tow truck and crane demands focus, mental discipline, and situational awareness.

In this article…

  1. Steps for commercial crane, bucket truck, and boom truck operators.
  2. Steps for tow truck operators.
  3. Growing your business during a recession
  4. Need help financing your equipment?

Steps for Commercial Crane, Bucket Truck and Boom Truck Operators To Follow

Safety And Maintenance Requirements by The State

Each state follows a mandate to certify boom trucks and cranes. Two main categories exist, States with their occupational safety and health programs (State Plan States) and States which follow Federal OSHA by default (Federal Plan States).

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the requirements.

OHSA Yearly Checks

It is essential for the safety and maintenance of the vehicle for it to comply with the OSHA Boom Inspection Report yearly. The yearly service helps maintain your equipment's safety measures and lifespan. This is important for these operators to sustain not only for their safety using the vehicle but to optimize their vehicle's performance, therefore impacting their work.

Reduce the risk and check out the OHSA requirements for safe crane operations here.

Quarterly Inspections On Older Equipment And Regular Upkeep

Like any piece of equipment, staying consistent with upkeep is necessary. Older equipment inspections in a hazardous space like construction are essential for not only the safety but the productivity of the day.

By upgrading to newer equipment, you can streamline your work structure, allowing you to accomplish more work faster.

If this is something, you're looking to consider, check out this article, How to Own a Boom Truck. If this is something you’re looking to consider, check out this article How to Own a Boom Truck.

Expert Consultations Before Investing In New Or Used Equipment

Adding equipment to your business can be an expensive endeavor. Whether it’s new or used, having an expert guide you on best practices can be the difference between success and failure.

At Beacon Funding, our financing experts have been helping businesses for over 30 years find the right financing option that fits their business to add the right crane, tow truck, or boom truck to their fleet.

Don’t take our word for it – see how another business like Sandels Cranes was able to do it in the past.

Financing Options During A Recession

At a time when inflation is high and equipment is scarce, being in a liquidity crunch isn’t ideal. After all, the #1 reason why businesses fail is a lack of cash.

It's important to have enough funding to maintain a strong cash flow and expand your business with the necessary equipment. With low monthly payments, you can invest in your business while your truck pays for itself – without breaking the bank. Your financed equipment opens the door to Section 179 tax deductions and establishing business credit.

Steps For Tow Truck Operators To Follow

Freeway Or Intersection Rules

It’s important to educate, re-educate, and update yourself on standard safety precautionary measures as a roadside emergency vehicle.

Understand The Proper Safety Protocols For Their Heavy Machinery

Tow trucks have operation controls on both sides of the truck if a tower uses the non-traffics side, this can save their life. Many buildings can get into the habit of just using the driver's side, but if that is the traffic side, simply being aware and going to the other side can be much safer.

Deep Understanding Of Reflective Gear

Using light, cones, flares, etc. is important too as well as wearing their reflective gear. None of it is hard just have to practice these simple safety steps.

Expert Consultations Before Investing In New Or Used Equipment

Whether it's new or used, having an expert guide you on the best practices depending on your goals is always a better route. If you are considering adding a tow truck to your business use this resource.

Growing Your Business During A Recession

Having enough funding to maintain a strong cash flow and expand your business with the required equipment is important.

Financing your next boom truck or tow truck could open doors for you to invest in your business with low monthly payments while your commercial truck pays for itself, and it doesn't break the bank. Plus, your financed truck opens the door to tax deductions and establishing business credit.  

Need Help Financing Your Equipment?

Are you contemplating adding a tow truck or a crane to your business? Whether it’s a lightweight, small service vehicle to start off or a heavy-duty addition to your fleet, we have the resource to help. Here are four factors you should consider before adding more equipment.

The best way to add to your fleet would be to trust in the hands of an expert. With us you can expect:

  • Answer within 24 hours
  • Receive top-class service from dedicated financing reps
  • Affordable payment plans for expensive equipment

Check out how Olympic Equipment Rental Services (OER Services) took its business to new heights with our help

Beacon Funding has financed over $1 billion in equipment while helping businesses of every size grow for over 31 years. As an A+ rated Better Business Bureau lender, Beacon Funding’s experienced financing consultants can help you get the boom truck you need in no time.

Schedule a call with our financing experts or learn more about financing your next crane purchase here.

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