SepticSmart Week 2022

Help your customers understand the importance of keeping their septic systems properly maintained

By Miles Hendrix| Sep 15, 2022| 1487 Views
SepticSmart Week 2022

Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency dedicates a week to educate homeowners on the importance of proper septic system care. The nationwide initiative is an opportunity for your business to spread proper septic maintenance to your customers with seven simple tips.

Beacon Funding wants to help raise awareness to your customers on how septic systems maintenance is environmentally friendly, promotes public health, and protects property values.

By understanding common ways of septic maintenance, homeowners can save money while protecting the environment for themselves and neighbors.

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  1. How Beacon Funding Supports You This SepticSmart Week 2022
  2. 7 Smart Tips on Keeping a Septic System Properly Cleaned
  3. Get Result-Driven Equipment Financing for Your Septic Business

How Beacon Funding Supports You This SepticSmart Week 2022

If more customers knew the importance of regular septic system maintenance, chances are you might receive more service calls. As you know, homeowners can save thousands with regular maintenance compared to replacing/repairing a broken septic system. It pays to be prepared.

You’re the septic experts – let us support you with what we do best.

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7 Smart Tips on Keeping a Septic System Properly Cleaned

This SepticSmart Week, spread awareness about the value of keeping a properly maintained septic system. Not only does it save your customers money, it’s also environmentally friendly!

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends homeowners can keep their septic system well-maintained and be septic smart with the following seven tips.

1. Regularly pump your tank

Keeping a clean septic tank reduces risk of leaks or easily avoidable breaks. Contact a local septic pump service to clean out your home’s septic tank.

2. Protect it and inspect it

Ask your local septic service experts how often a septic system should be inspected and whether an upgrade is necessary.

3. Think at the sink

Before you wash that greasy pan, know how to properly dispose of food waste. Be sure to use cleaning supplies in moderation and be mindful of what you’re putting down your kitchen sink. What not to put down your kitchen.

4. Don’t strain your drain

Limit the use of water-based appliances. By using water efficiently, you can reduce the volume of buildup in your system.

5. Keep your well water clean

Don’t flush medications or chemicals down your septic system.

6. Know how to shield your field

Check out how your drainfield works and how to take care of it.

7. Don’t overload the septic tank

Become familiar with what can be flushed down the toilet versus what should be thrown in the trash.

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