Financing gets Brett’s Towing & Repair to the Finish Line

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Financing gets Brett’s Towing & Repair to the Finish Line

In times of loss, creating a legacy is the greatest gift of all. Allan Benien started Brett’s Towing & Repair with a dream of starting a business and handing it down to his son. Unfortunately, he lost his late son Brett in a car accident. Allan created the business in his memory and to help others in danger on the road.

Brett’s Towing began in 2013 as a family affair in Napoleon, Ohio, with cousins Allan and Jeff founding the business — both still working fulltime jobs. They now serve the four-county area in Northwest Ohio with tows, tires, roadside service, and repairs.

When they were starting out, Brett’s had three tow trucks from the early ‘90s to get their bearings on the local roadside assistance market. Through a turn of events, Brett’s was referred to Beacon Funding when it was time for the business to expand. Beacon helped them finance three tow trucks.

Brett’s Towing & Repair Snapshot:

  • Towing business in Napoleon, OH, serving Northwest Ohio with tows, tires, roadside service and repairs
  • Established in 2013 in honor of the owner’s late son Brett
  • Started by two cousins with 3 early ‘90s tow trucks
  • Expanded to 6 tow trucks and 3 employees
  • Acquired 3 tow trucks by financing with Beacon Funding
  • Expanded to the heavy duty market due to a heavy duty wrecker
  • Winners of the Beacon Race Giveaway including tickets to NASCAR weekend races in Talladega

“We had no issues with financing,” Allan says. “It was a flawless transaction. Everything was explained right up front.”

Not only did Beacon help them grow, but they also rolled out the red carpet when Brett’s won the Beacon Race Giveaway. The grand prize included tickets to the NASCAR weekend races in Talladega.

“Seeing Talladega live was incredible,” Deb Benien, Manager of Brett’s and Allan’s wife, says. “We couldn’t ask for better seats.”

Thanks to Beacon Funding’s flexible financing and this promotion, Brett’s Towing was able to accomplish their goals and get rewarded for doing so.

NASCAR Giveaway winners

Allan and Deb made the 10-hour trek from Napoleon, OH, to Talladega, AL, in April 2016 for NASCAR weekend.  As their first trip together after 29 years of marriage and four kids, it was one to remember.

“It was the first vacation we went on alone for more than a day,” Deb says. “It was a blessing in disguise.”

Brett’s Towing won the NASCAR grand prize after submitting their most recent financing application into the Beacon Race Giveaway drawing. The prize package included three-night hotel accommodations, tickets to the Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500 race, tickets to the Xfinity Series race, motor coach transportation, souvenir swag, and a $500 Visa gift card.

“I’m a NASCAR junkie,” Deb says. “I was in heaven.”

Why Brett’s Towing is different

Brett’s advantage over competitors is their reasonable pricing, excellent customer service, and family-oriented attitude.  A woman’s son was stranded in Michigan. Brett’s drove over 100 miles to tow him back to Ohio. Another time, a tower from Brett’s gave up a glass of water for a customer’s dog.

“We’re not out to rip off anybody; we’re down-home people,” Deb says.

Brett’s has the customer service down, but in order to maintain a competitive edge, they needed to get more calls and take on more than just local gigs.

The perfect fit for start-up financing

After about a year in business and having used other roadside service providers, Brett’s turned to Agero as a new roadside assistance service provider. They made the switch because the other companies had a difficult financing process or had high rates, so Agero recommended Beacon Funding as an alternative lender.

Beacon has a partnership with Agero which allows Agero Service Providers to get the most out of financing via Beacon’s Agero Truck Financing Perks program. This includes earning Visa gift cards when financing new trucks.

In the face of Allan’s towing operation being a start-up, he was able to get recommendations for a great truck with a vendor Beacon Funding trusts as well as financing.

“I would definitely recommend Beacon for others starting a towing business,” Allan says. “With us being a start-up company, they were able to help us with the financing of one of our first trucks. They even pointed us in the right direction for new equipment, as well.”

Brett's Towing Financed Tow Truck

Brett’s financed three trucks with Beacon Funding including one flatbed tow truck, one light duty wrecker, and one heavy duty wrecker.

They were then able to expand further on their own accord by paying out-of-pocket for two more trucks, giving themselves a six-truck fleet to both brag about and help service their Northwest Ohio territory.

Growth to handle the big jobs

After gaining the five new trucks, Brett’s is able to be more adaptable, taking on the heavy duty market.

“Financing helped us grow,” Allan says. “We have newer, more reliable equipment. We are able to take on bigger jobs; go on more runs; fill the customers’ needs. No need to worry about breakdowns.”

“Financing helped us grow. We have newer, more reliable equipment. We are able to take on bigger jobs; go on more runs; fill the customers’ needs. ”

Brett’s can handle any call that gets thrown their way. They can use the flatbed and light duty truck for rollovers and the heavy duty wrecker for bigger accidents.

“It’s easier to handle calls,” Deb says. “We don’t just have to rely on a flatbed.”

And they also don’t have to turn work away.

After the bad comes good luck

Despite the tragedy the Benien family has experienced, they have been able to turn it around by creating a successful towing business with a six-truck fleet. They’ve even been able to put their feet up for a break with a trip to NASCAR.

Beacon Funding helped the Benien’s business grow to offer affordable prices, answer heavy duty towing calls, and cater to the four-county Northwest Ohio area. These results are a good consequence, but mostly Brett’s is there to give a mother peace of mind when her child gets stuck on the road or to help a family safely get home.

That’s a pretty good legacy.


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