[CASE STUDY] Leverage The Equipment You Own For Cash (Sale leaseback)

By Chase Cane| Jun 30, 2022| 2453 Views

This video was made by Senior Financing Consultant, Chase Cain. As a dedicated financing expert, Chase works with businesses in need of cash and helps them unlock their earning potential by helping them unlock the equity in their equipment with a sale-leaseback.

Getting cash for your business doesn’t have to be hard if you own equipment. When you have bills or want to expand your operations, you can quickly get needed cash with a sale-leaseback.

How does it work? Essentially, you sell your equipment to Beacon Funding and we lease it back to your business over a specified period of time.

You will immediately receive cash for various needs such as business improvements, inventory, payroll repairs, maintenance, and any other general business expenses. All while still maintaining the use of your equipment to generate revenue. Plus, you’ll reclaim ownership of your equipment at the end of the lease term.

In this interview, Chase Cain Talks About…

  1. How I Helped My Customer Unlock The Equity of His Equipment
  2. How Other Businesses Have Used a Sale-Leaseback
  3. How Do I Qualify for a Sale-Leaseback?
  4. Get Approved for Fast Financing with Beacon Funding

Below is an interview from Senior Financing Consultant, Chase Cain on how he helped one of his customers get cash quickly to help grow their business with a sale-leaseback.

How I Helped My Customer Unlock The Equity of His Equipment

Business Problem: One of my clients buys and sells a lot of equipment. They usually pay cash, use their equipment for a while and then resell it before it loses too much value.

Recently, they ended up purchasing a stump grinder and realized it would be a great additional revenue stream for their business.

However, they didn't want to miss out on receiving that cash stream. They wanted to keep their equipment but still leverage its equity for cash. 

Solution: After talking and getting to know my client’s business, we did a sale-leaseback for him. Not only were they able to keep their stump grinder and use it for their business, but they also squeezed out cash from the equipment’s value. He was able to use it for future equipment purchases and business investments.

The results: The sale-leaseback was a perfect solution to help my customer’s business stay liquid and help him diversify his revenue stream while – at the same time – expand is business.

Pump cash into your business with a sale-leaseback.

How Have Other Businesses Used A Sale-Leaseback?

Businesses I've worked with have used sale-leasebacks for a variety of different advantages. Some reasons include:

Not to mention, businesses can keep their equipment to keep generating profit. Best of all, they can reclaim ownership of their equipment at the end of their equipment lease’s term.

With a sale-leaseback, you can keep your equipment to keep generating profits for your business. Then you reclaim ownership when your lease ends.

How Do I Qualify For A Sale-Leaseback?

Your business has a great chance of qualifying for a sale-leaseback based on a few qualifying criteria. These criteria include:

  • Your credit history
  • Time in business
  • Other factors to showcase a strong credit profile

However, that should not rule out a business that doesn't fall into those criteria. The best way to know if you qualify is to talk to one of Beacon Funding’s senior financing consultant.

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