How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Wood Chipper?

Grow your landscaping enterprise by adding your next wood chipper without breaking the bank! Discover how to own your next wood chipper without using your hard-earned savings.

By Tom Rahlfs, CLFP| May 30, 2024| 390 Views
How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Wood Chipper?

For landscapers looking to grow and offer tree trimming and cleaning services, wood chippers are excellent investments!

A commercial wood chipper can convert limbs and branches into fertilizer and enhances the aesthetic appeal of its surroundings while improving the health of nearby soil.

However, finding a quality wood chipper at the right price can be problematic when you’re concerned about bringing in a positive return on your investment.

Know this before buying a wood chipper for your landscaping services…

  1. Prices for Electric Wood Chippers
  2. Prices for Gas-Powered Wood Chippers (Residential Grade)
  3. Prices for Gas-Powered Wood Chippers (Commerical Grade)
  4. Prices for High-end Wood Chippers (Industrial Grade)
  5. Consider These Factors When Looking at Costs
  6. Benefits of a Wood Chipper for Expanding Your Landscaping Services
  7. Factors Affecting the Price of a Wood Chipper
  8. Estimate Your Next Wood Chipper’s Low Monthly Payment

How Much Does A Wood Chipper for Landscaping Cost to Buy?

The price of wood chippers greatly depends on the factors we discussed previously. Let’s take a look at some different types of wood chippers and their purchasing costs.

Prices For An Electric Wood Chipper

They cost from $100-$500. They are more affordable and suitable for small gardens where only a limited chipping is needed. It can handle branches up to 3 inches in diameter.

Prices for Gas-Powered Wood Chippers (Residential Grade)

The cost can vary from $500-$2,500. This category is suitable for many house owners. These chippers can deal with branches between 3-4 inches in diameter. They offer more power than electric wood chippers.

Prices for Gas-Powered Wood Chippers (Commercial Grade)

The cost ranges from $2,500 to $10,000. This category is suitable for landscapers for customers with big properties.

Prices for High-end Wood Chippers (Industrial-Grade)

Depending on the brand, model, and age, a good industrial-grade can cost up to $10,000 and more. These are suitable for professional tree services or large-scale operations. They are expert in handling branches that exceed 6 inches in diameter. They also come up with heavy-duty features.


Additional Considerations

Remember that these are general price ranges. Different models of each category can differ in price depending on their features and reputation.

It is important to prioritize your needs and budgets first. Don't get attracted by the features you might not necessarily need. Do detailed research on different brands and models within your selected price range to find the best value for your money.

Beyond the Purchase Price

Keep in mind that the initial purchase price is just one aspect. Factor in ongoing costs like:

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Budget for replacement parts and yearly tune-ups.

Safety Gear: Invest in proper safety gear like gloves, goggles, and ear protection when operating the chipper.

Transportation: Depending on the size and weight, you might need a trailer or truck to transport the chipper. Consider these costs if not included in the purchase price.

Benefits Of Getting A Wood Chipper for Your Landscaping Company

There are many more advantages of wood chippers. They make the maintenance of property easier and yard work more efficient.

Here are some of the key advantages:

Waste Reduction and Management

Large branches and limbs are reduced to smaller, more manageable chips by wood chippers. Compared to plenty of huge branches, this significantly reduces yard trash, making it easier to store, transport, and dispose of.

Creation of Mulch

The remaining fragments are a useful kind of mulch. Use of wood mulch around trees, shrubs, and flower beds. It helps with soil moisture retention, temperature regulation, and weed suppression. It also results in less time spent weeding and healthy plants.


When you apply wood mulch in your garden, it gives a tidy and professional appearance.


Wood chippers encourage eco-friendly waste from landscaping disposal. Chipped wood nourishes the soil as a valuable resource, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.


If we compare wood chippers and chopping branches side by side, we would know that wood chippers save us a lot more time and energy.

Fire Safety

Do you know that branches that are piled high enough can cause a fire? But you can reduce this risk by chipping them into smaller pieces using a wood chipper.

Enhancement for Composting

Wood chips could be a good addition to your waste pile. By providing a source of brown material, they assist in balancing the green material in food waste and enhance the environment for faster and more efficient breakdown.

We can agree that wood chippers offer a practical and eco-friendly approach to managing garden waste. One can achieve this goal by creating a valuable resource for landscaping needs.

Factors Affecting The Price Of a Wood Chipper

Power Source

Gas-powered chippers: They are more expensive than electric ones. This is possible because they possess greater power and they have all the capabilities to deal with larger branches. They are an ideal choice for tackling tough jobs.

Electric Wood Chippers: They are a suitable option for smaller gardens as they easily fulfill limited chipping requirements. They are also quieter and require less maintenance.

PTO Wood Chippers: They are a very powerful option and are specially designed for heavy-duty use. They are also ideal for professional landscapers as they are attached to the PTO of a tractor. This makes them the most expensive option.

Chipping Mechanism

Mainly there are two types of chippers:

Drum Chippers: They contain a rotating drum that has knives or hammers for cutting branches. Although they are more efficient and powerful, they do come with a higher price tag.

Disc Chippers: They contain a disc with sharp blades that rotates while cutting branches. They are significantly less expensive than drum chippers.

Feeding Mechanism

Manual Feed Chippers: They are the least expensive choice as they involve inserting branches into the chipper manually. Even though these are affordable, larger jobs may require more time-consuming methods.

Hydraulic Feed Chippers: They have a hydraulic mechanism that allows branches to be fed into the chipper automatically. They are convenient and efficient. Hydraulic chippers are expensive but perfect for dealing with a large amount of contaminants with less work.

Estimate Your Next Wood Chipper’s Low Monthly Payment

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