Is Leasing More Expensive Than Financing? [Get the Facts]

By Tom Rahlfs, CLFP| Aug 10, 2021| 4661 Views

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Fiction! Leasing Equipment Is More Expensive than Traditional Financing

One concern that customers have is leasing will be more expensive than traditional financing.

Fact! The Cost of Leasing Is Almost Identical to Financing

If leasing equipment is more expensive than traditional financing, then why does every Fortune 500 company lease?

The largest, most sophisticated businesses in the United States choose to lease even while financing options are available to them so they can keep more cash on hand and have more flexible monthly payment plans.

Overall Costs Between Leasing and Financing

When you compare the overall costs between leasing and financing, the two products are nearly the same. Cost is not determined by which option you go with, but by the strength of your credit package.

The real cost of leasing is in the flexibility of the options associated with them. These options include:

Key Comparisons Between Leasing and Financing

When looking at financing and leasing in a side-by-side comparison, there are key differences that make each product unique.

1. Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA): The lender would be the lean holder, as opposed to the owner.

2. Commercial Equipment Lease Agreement: A lease-to-own product usually comes with significant tax advantages and savings. It has the same goal of ownership with an “earn as you pay” structure.

The Importance of Your Business’s Credit Quality

Considering which option is right for you depends on your business goals. Once you identify what they are, Beacon can help you choose what’s right for you.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you chose a lease or a loan. If you’re considering which option is right for you, the general idea to keep in mind is your credit quality.

Boost Your Business with Beacon Funding’s Lease-to-Own Program!

No matter how great your business is doing, you can always achieve more. With equipment leasing that gives you buying options at the end of the term, now’s the time to supercharge your business!

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Tom Rahlfs, CLFP
Tom Rahlfs, CLFP

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