Everything You Need to Know About Used Equipment Financing

By Jon Flagg| Jul 29, 2022| 2300 Views
Everything You Need to Know About Used Equipment Financing

In today’s competitive market, it’s not always easy to find equipment to help grow your business. Opting for used equipment might be your best bet; however, it’s hard to find and can be expensive. Financing used equipment might help you save time and maintain your liquidity.

There’s a common misconception that financing used equipment is difficult. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With Beacon Funding, financing used equipment is easy because of our flexibility, industry experience, and various financing options. Choosing the right financing program can help you save money and generate revenue all at once.

These resources will guide you through your used equipment financing options.

What you can learn from these informative videos…

  1. New or Used: What Type of Equipment Leasing Is Right for You?
  2. The #1 Used Equipment Network In The Country

New or Used: What Type of Equipment Leasing Is Right for You?

Whether you use the equipment every day or once a year, chances are leasing used equipment is going to save you money and expand your business without the high cost. Though often overlooked, leasing used equipment can solve your growing company’s needs.

Learn what works for you.

The #1 Used Equipment Network In The Country

A smart way of quickly leaping ahead in the used equipment market is to utilize Beacon Funding and our vast used equipment network. It helps connect buyers and sellers to get what they want much faster.

To get started, reach out to one of our financing consultants and let them know about the equipment you want to buy or sell. We’ll check our inventory before letting you know if the equipment is utilized within our industry network.

Get a competitive advantage.

Interested in Financing Used Equipment?

Don’t let your chances to expand your business slip away! Beacon Funding’s friendly financing experts are ready to answer your questions about how you can finance your used equipment fast.

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