Beacon Funding Honors 2021 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

By Aaron Rustebakke| Sep 14, 2021| 6114 Views
Beacon Funding Honors 2021 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

To those that keep America running, we salute you.

A Big Thank You from The Team at Beacon Funding

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 12–18, all of us here at Beacon Funding would like to express our gratitude to every truck driver across the nation. These professional men and women are behind the wheel driving the American economy forward every day. Their significant impact and service can never be understated.

This industry forms the backbone of the American economy and tow truck drivers are the heart of it.

Did you know? According to Zippia, the tow truck driver workforce reached a whopping 31,154 in 2020!  Among them, 5.5% are women, while 91.3% are men.

What is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Established by the American Trucking Association in 1998, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week honors the 3.5 million professional drivers on America’s roadways for all their hard work and sacrifice.

A tow truck driver keeps the road safe by hauling a four-door vehicle in their red tow truck.

Whether they are a tow truck operator or running a tow truck business, the job is not easy and can be dangerous at times. But that’s one of the reasons why National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was established. It’s a time to acknowledge all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to trucking or towing and all the work they do.

Did you know? Tow truck drivers record more than 112K miles a year, which is almost four times the length of the equator!

Did You Know Tow Trucks Are Considered Emergency Vehicles?

Tow truck drivers risk their lives daily — serving civilians stuck along roads and highways.

Their biggest threat is people driving too fast or not moving to the other lane when their tow truck is stopped on the side of the road. To support tow truck drivers and keep them safe, they need other drivers to be more aware of them on the road.

Did you know? Roadside service is a dangerous job and according to AAA,  one tow truck driver is killed every six days!

According to Safety+ Health Magazine, drivers in the towing industry encounter an on-the-job fatality risk nearly 15 times greater than workers in other industries.

Tow truck operators are hit and often killed on the side of the road while just trying to do their job. Such accidents are because of drivers who fail to slow down to a safe speed and move over to another lane.

Next time you see a tow truck, remember you could save a life by simply slowing down and moving over.

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, all of us here at Beacon Funding would like to honor the bravery and dedication of truck drivers across the nation.

Each day, you not only work hard to help civilians on the roadside, but you also handle other challenges like managing busy schedules, getting used to changing industry regulations, and traversing heavy traffic. You withstand long hours on the road and prolonged time away from your family so everyone else can have the services they want and need. These sacrifices do not go unseen.

Beacon Funding Supports Tow Truck Businesses For Over 30 Years!

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and all year round, we at Beacon Funding are proud to support your business by providing tow truck financing around the clock.

A tow truck driver stands proud and celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

We treasure our relationship with you and work continuously to enhance your experience while financing equipment for you. That’s why we offer flexible financing programs to help you grow your revenue and expand your business. This is just one of the many ways we want to help America’s tow truck driver community.

Beacon has helped various towers financing equipment across the U.S. to achieve their business dreams.

“Beacon Funding made it easy to get the truck I wanted regardless of how old it was. It’s really about having someone there that’s dedicated to financing you a truck so that you can do better.” – Pounds Towing

Join the thousands of customers that have successfully fulfilled their equipment financing needs with Beacon Funding. For over three decades, Beacon’s dedicated financing consultants have become experts on transforming the way tow truckers apply for financing. They’ve made the financing process seamless for customers to get answers when they need them.

Reach out to us, and you’ll experience why Beacon’s customers describe our process as flawless. Schedule a time to chat at

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