Beacon Funding Employees Gain Industry Insight and Pass CLFP Exam

By Becky Neems| Jun 8, 2017| 2200 Views
Beacon Funding Employees Gain Industry Insight and Pass CLFP Exam

Northbrook, IL, June 8, 2017—Beacon Funding is pleased to announce that numerous employees from several departments have attended the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals. Six team members have passed the exam distinguishing them as Certified Lease & Finance Professionals (CLFP).

By taking the time to prepare for and take the exam, the Beacon Funding team has shown their dedication to the industry and the clients they serve.

Beacon Funding’s new Certified Lease & Finance Professionals are as follows:

  • Rebecca Gabor, Staff Accountant
  • Toby McDonough, President
  • Stephanie Richards, Senior Inside Sales Representative
  • Jenny Yan, Staff Accountant
  • Dale Wallner, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Belanger, Chief Operations Officer

“It is an honor to become a CLFP, as it is a credential for the professionals who are truly committed to being knowledgeable, honest, and ethical leaders within the leasing industry,” said Dale Wallner, CFO of Beacon Funding.

The CLFP designation highlights the holder’s dedication to and knowledge of the leasing industry. To receive the CLFP designation, the professional must pass a rigorous exam that is often preceded by a prep course outlining and reviewing the topics CLFPs must have extensive knowledge of.

The exam lasts eight hours and covers a myriad of topics ranging from the history of leasing to law and documentation to financial and tax accounting. Each topic covered tests the professional’s knowledge and ability to successfully serve the industry.

“Becoming a CLFP requires that you learn about all aspects of the equipment leasing & financing business,” said Toby McDonough, President of Beacon Funding. “I am proud of our team for stepping outside their comfort zone, challenging themselves to learn, and demonstrating their commitment and passion for their profession.”

In addition to demonstrating their knowledge, CLFPs must also have a least three years of verifiable equipment leasing and financing experience, pledge to abide by the foundation’s standards of professional conduct, and commit to engage with the leasing and finance community.

All Beacon Funding team members are excited to apply the new skills they learned and further demonstrate their dedication to the leasing industry.

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Becky Neems

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