7 Common Hardscaping Equipment for Tough Jobs

A Guide for Landscaping Professionals: Common Equipment You Can Finance

By Amanda Haraden| Mar 16, 2023| 898 Views
7 Common Hardscaping Equipment for Tough Jobs

Hardscaping is a tough job – it takes a lot of work to build outdoor walkways, patios, water features, and other beautiful landscapes. Heavy lifting, digging, and moving materials under intense weather conditions isn't easy. That's where heavy equipment comes in.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or buying your first piece of commercial hardscaping equipment, this article is a must-read for anyone looking to expand their fleet and see which equipment is popular for landscaping projects.

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To achieve best results, these are the most common landscaping equipment types for tackling tough hardscaping jobs.

7 Equipment Types for Your Hardscaping Fleet

1. Compact Track Loader

A compact track loader (CTL) is a small machine equipped with tracks instead of wheels, which allows it to operate on rough and uneven terrain. Due to their powerful hydraulics and various attachments such as buckets, forks, and backhoes, CTLs are a common choice for digging, grading, lifting, and moving heavy materials.

One advantage of CTLs is their versatility to use in many environments. Because their tracks provide better traction and stability than wheeled loaders, CTLs can easily navigate through muddy, rocky, or uneven terrain – ideal for landscaping projects. Additionally, their compact size allows them to maneuver easily through narrow spaces, making them ideal for use on residential properties, urban areas, and other tight spaces.

Overall, a compact track loader is a versatile and powerful machine that helps streamline and simplify a wide range of landscaping projects.

With the right attachment, your CTL can be used for:

  • Grating and leveling uneven terrain
  • Excavating soil ground and other materials
  • Landscaping and lawn mainteneance
  • Transporting soil and spreading seeds
  • Tree and bush removal
  • Snow removal
  • Moving heavy materials like stones, bricks, and pavers
  • Leaf blowing
  • Mulching forestry

2. Skid Steer

Like compact track loaders, skid steers help hardscapers save time moving large amounts of heavy materials (boulders, pavers, and gravel).

Unlike a compact track loader, skid steers travel on wheels which allows them to pivot their wheels independently of each other. They are capable of zero-radius turning without having to move forward or backward. This makes it incredibly agile and versatile, especially in situations where space is limited or where quick turns are required.

They offer various attachments for many jobs. Like a compact track loader, with the right attachment a skid steer can quickly and accurately dig trenches, grade grasses, level surfaces, break up concrete, remove old structures, and many other tasks.

3. Mini-Excavator

When a hardscaper needs greater digging power, reach, and more precise grading than a compact loader, a mini-excavator gets the job done.

A mini-excavator is a small hydraulic excavating machine designed for digging tough materials, demolition work, and handling large landscaping objects like tree stumps or large rocks in tight spaces. They are designed with a small frame and track that allows them to navigate through narrow spaces, work in areas with limited access, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. They feature a boom arm and bucket for precise digging and lifting.

Built as a highly maneuverable and versatile heavy machine, mini-excavators offer hardscapers a variety of attachments like buckets, augers, and hydraulic thumbs for specific tasks.

4. Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders are large machines that combine a front loader bucket with a backhoe attachment.

They are designed for a variety of tough jobs, including:

  • Excavation: Great for digging foundations, trenches, and deep holes.
  • Material Handling: Moving and transporting materials like dirt, rocks, and gravel – particularly useful for large landscaping projects that require moving significant amounts of materials.
  • Demolition: Equipped with powerful hydraulic systems and can be used for breaking up concrete or removing old structures.
  • Site Preparation: Effective for clearing and leveling land.

5. Brush Chipper

Removing brush, tree limbs, and other vegetation takes up a lot of room. A brush chipper makes it easy to shred large amounts of vegetation for transportation and disposal. This makes it easy to tear down large trees and big bushes that take multiple people to move.

The shredded vegetation a brush chipper creates is perfect mulch for nourishing plants and trees throughout your landscaping. This can help conserve moisture, suppress weed growth, and improve soil health.

6. Commercial Lawnmower

A hardscaper may need to cover a large grassy acreage in a short amount of time. Commercial lawnmowers are designed to handle these areas quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for projects with expansive lawns or grassy areas.

Commercial lawnmowers are used to cut and maintain grass, weeds, and other vegetation, keeping the landscape looking neat and well-maintained. Additionally, they can be equipped with accessories such as baggers, mulchers, and striping kits, allowing hardscapers to customize their mowing approach to fit the specific needs of the project that includes large grassy areas.

7. Landscaping Trucks

Transporting heavy materials like large rocks, pavers, and gravel requires a vehicle with a large amount of space and can handle dirty jobs. Digging up large amounts of soil in excavation projects typically means moving these materials securely away from the job site in a short amount of time.

A landscaping truck makes it easy to transport materials and equipment to and from job sites. Hardscapers can receive greater mobility from one location to another with all their tools and equipment in one place. This can be useful for larger projects where the hardscaping work is spread out across a large area.

Get Pre-Approved for Landscaping Equipment

Getting pre-approved for equipment financing for hardscaping equipment at Beacon Funding is simple and straightforward. The process can be completed in under 5 minutes, and you can receive a decision within 24 hours. There is no cost, and no commitment to getting pre-approved.


A pre-approval gives you a clear understanding of the financing options available to you, including the loan amount and repayment terms. This allows you to make informed decisions about your equipment purchases and helps you stay within your budget. A pre-approval is as as good as cash, giving you negotiating power when shopping for hardscaping equipment.

A pre-approval from Beacon Funding is good for 45 days, giving you more time to right the right hardscaping equipment for your business. Additionally, the online pre-approval process is quick and easy – meaning you can complete it from anywhere and at any time – hassle-free.

Have Questions about Financing Equipment? Talk to an Expert

If you need help financing your next landscaping equipment purchase, schedule a call with one of our financing consultants. We are here to help you find the right financing solutions that best fit your needs, so you can focus on what you do best: creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.


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